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Good agents use floor plans. Outstanding agents use them religiously on every property they list. Rightmove’s analysis... Read more

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Good agents use floor plans. Outstanding agents use them religiously on every property they list. Rightmove’s analysis shows that floor plans are the second most popular marketing item, second only to photos.

With Metropix, you can have a marketing floor plan ready in around 5 or 6 minutes, for less than the cost of a good cup of coffee. The software is very easy to use, but if you ever need a hand, we’ve made it effortlessly simple to reach us. Our team of friendly experts is available to help you by phone, email (answered in under 20 minutes) and live chat.

As the UK’s most popular floor plan provider, Metropix has millions of plans on record. PlanBank is our unique service that allows you to access these plans to save time. In 80% of cases, we’ll have a property on the same road, or better still, an exact match to save you even more time. PlanBank is automatically available to every customer without extra charge.

Metropix has re-invented itself for 2019, with a brand-new desktop version as well as an iPad app, both of which are scoring magnificent reviews. Our desktop version is the evolution of our multi-award-winning platform, with huge time-saving efficiencies....floor planning with Metropix has become even faster and easier.

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SJ Taylor

From £7.95 per plan

Our floor plans can be published using any CRM, but we also have time-saving integration with many providers, including:

• Reapit
• Dezrez
• Qube
• Rentman

Is your API
Chargeable? Our API is free. Software providers and agents use our API to access Metropix more seamlessly from within their own unique workflow.

Setup / Onboarding

Agents can register for an account online in matter minutes and start producing floor plans right away for use. We automatically offer a 2-week free trial, as this gives agents a real chance to ‘try-before-you-buy’. During this time, they have access to free training and support.

For multi-branch agents, we take the hassle away completely by setting up all the branch accounts for them (usually within 24 hours of confirmation). We also arrange the necessary group training webinars to get everyone up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Agents (and other professionals) can register online or have our team set them up for an account. The process takes under one minute so it’s very quick to get started (even out of hours).

We provide a two week free trial to every branch which is without obligation. Unlike other services, we do not collect any payment details at this stage, keeping the agent free to decide if they wish to continue in their own time.

Full training is offered and matched to your experience level; tailored to you and as many team members as you require – anyone really can draw a plan!

During the trial, you get all the benefits that a client would so you can make an informed decision about our overall service. This includes the usual unlimited support, PlanBank, branding of your plans and usage reports to see how well you and the team are doing.

You can also expect regular contact from your potential Account Manager who will ensure your trial is running as smoothly as you expect.

Training & Support

• Online – offer a range of product training webinars and tutorials
• Face-to-face – on request, primarily for multi-branch agents
• We offer a range of online sessions:
• Webinar: Beginner
• Webinar: Advanced
• Webinar: Getting extra value with no extra cost
• Webinar: Mobile and what’s new
• Online: One 2 one sessions
• Live: On request, primarily for multi-branch agents, however, anyone is welcome to meet us in our Reading office

Do you offer free of charge –
Telephone Support – Yes
Email Support – Yes
Chat Support – Yes

Product range

• 2D Floor Plans
• 3D Floor Plans
• Branded and Colour Floor Plans
• Interactive Floor Plans (PicturePlus)

Problems we solve for agents

By offering a quick, easy and cost-effective way to produce plans, agents are able to include a floor plan on every property. Due to the simplicity of the system, a floor plan can be created in minutes, saving agents a lot of time and enabling them to get properties on the market quickly.

Previously the alternative would be to pay for someone to visit the property to create the plan or use complex software to produce one.

Metropix ensures your business has everything it needs to create professional marketing plans.

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SJ Taylor

Great team, with a product that works and is reliable!


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