Area provides lead management and lead automation for estate agencies. 

Area automatically replies to new leads, collects customer availability and profile data, and prioritises leads for your team.

Area allows your team to handle up to 3x more leads than before by reducing back-and-forth communication needed to qualify leads.

Area also suggests alternative properties, tracks team performance and integrates with CRM systems for seamless dataflow.

Area has over 50 amazing features to make your applicants, vendors and team members happier and more efficient.

Problems we solve for agents

We ensure all customers are replied to (never miss a secret-shop again), allow your team to focus on what they do best (rather than chasing customers for data) and ensure management knows exactly if customers are getting the level of service they expect.


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Claire Mardle Keatons Group Limited

Area has provided us with a great service from the outset, we would definitely recommend them.

Justine Justine

Highly recommend


What every agency needs!

Will Jasper


Ryan .

Couldn’t recommend enough

Olcay Aksu .

Great software

Elliot Ford Elliot Ford

Area is made lead organisation easy

Scott Jacobs Scott Jacobs

Superb Platform


Game Changing Software

Ollie C


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