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How the client benefitted

Same day instructions to live on portals

Free up time

Outsourced AML work to free up the team for sales activities.

Increase MA conversion rate

Same-day advertising of properties gives vendors confidence.

Improve customer service

Happy vendors and landlords with same-day marketing.

Productive, happy Listers

Reduced admin work, increased job satisfaction, and enabled one more MA per day.

Saved costs

Dropping brochure production saved money and the rainforest.

Happy branch staff

Outsourced AML removed frustration with non-sales administration.

Our strategy

The challenge for this multi-branch agency was to simplify the journey from Signed Contract to Live on Rightmove.

Whilst their AML checking was centralised, the checking process was slow and starting to cause internal conflict. Add in the manual steps in brochure production and it was clearly impossible for them to have properties on portals on the same day as the agency agreement was signed. 

We re-designed their processes to now supported fully outsourced AML checks. The new listing processes freed up time so that listers could visit an average of one more property per day.

We took the brave step to replace outdated, printed brochures with modern digital alternatives. We designed simplified marketing processes to fully support the digital marketing of properties. The new property particulars process freed up time, saved costs, and reduced waste.

We left the agency with a fully achievable action plan to deliver same-day listings.

Simon Whale

MD & Founder

#CRM Systems / #Lettings / #Sales

I have worked in the property industry for over 20 years. CRM has been my life for the best part of 3 decades, which is a dubious bucket list claim! I am best known for my time as a Director at...View bio

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