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10 great tips when looking for a job

Lost your job? Here are some tips to help you use this time positively

It’s carnage out there at the moment when it comes to redundancies. With no definitive forecast for how long these extraordinary times will last, many agents are laying off staff to reduce their fixed costs and to ensure they’re as agile as possible to ride this out.

We’ve also heard wonderful stories of how some employees have volunteered not to take a salary or offered to be kept on on a commission only basis for as long as they can afford to so that they can help their employer out. I know I keep saying it but this is why I love our industry – so many good people in it.

The government has put in place a number of grants to help businesses support as many staff as they can, and to help those that have been made redundant. In summary their Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme allows employers to claim a grant of up to 80% of wages for all employment costs up to a cap of £2,500 per month. This scheme is due to start in April from what we understand. 

Recruitment expert Steve Meade has provided us with 10 top tips for people who are now unemployed to help give them some focus so that they use this time positively and can bounce back into employment quickly:

Steve Meade’s 10 great tips when looking for a job 

1. Ensure your CV is completely up to date, and laid out professionally and neatly (prospective employers like a brief but informative CV)

2. Build, cultivate, and utilise your network of contacts (a large and strong network of contacts will serve you well when searching for a new role. Cultivate your Linkedin presence and other social media profiles to ensure maximum exposure)

3. Don’t limit yourself to online applications (deal directly with a reputable recruitment company who specialise in the sector you wish to work in)

4. Always research the companies you will be interviewing with (a good recruitment company will help you with this)

5. Develop examples and stories that showcase your skills (examples of how you shone in your last role will impress any prospective employer)

6. Retain a positive attitude (the right job will come along if you stay focused and positive)

7. Write a thank you letter to once you have interviewed with a prospective employer (a quick note will not get you the job, but you will stand out)

8. Make yourself readily available for zoom, phone or physical interviews.

9. Ask the recruiter to provide a job description summary and what the parameters of the salary package and working hours are, along with general working conditions.

10. Be willing to follow the company’s required processes; the best jobs are with the best companies, so be prepared to perform to your maximum if given the opportunity.

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