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Fixflo launches new contractor marketplace

Fixflo has launched a brand new ‘contractor marketplace’ this week with leading property services companies, Prop Cert and Vibrant. Claiming to be the easiest way to find electricians for fixed wire tests, the new service enables agents to access reliable, qualified and affordable electricians directly within their Fixflo system.

The on-demand service lets users book a new EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) with just a few simple clicks and have an EICR completed within 5 days of a request. With Fixflo’s Contractor Marketplace, agents can source electricians for urgent EICRs across the UK, with weekend and evening appointments available to minimise access issues. The providers can also carry out the necessary remedial works right away or provide quotes if the cost of works will exceed the agent’s authorisation limit.

New electrical safety regulations require all rented homes in England to have a valid EICR by 1 April 2021. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Government has not announced any extensions for the impending deadline. With just months to go, agents are advised to begin their compliance audit and phase their EICR appointments amidst the Covid-19 emergency to take into account delays caused by changing public health measures.

“While the Covid-19 pandemic has put many things on hold, it has not stopped electrical faults from endangering lives and properties. In fact, the risk profile has expanded with people spending more time at home. We feel very positive about this partnership which will no doubt make electrical safety easier to achieve,” said Thomas Harrington, Managing Director, Prop Cert.

“Mismatched supply and demand for EICR assessors is a supply chain challenge we will likely face ahead of the 2021 deadline. We are excited to launch this innovative service with Fixflo and make life easier for agents across the UK,” remarked Gregory Elliott, Business Development Director, Vibrant.

 “Increasing number of clients told us that they were concerned about having access to enough qualified electricians as the April cliff-edge approaches. Hopefully, this will help our clients comply with the legal requirements for ongoing tenancies and reduce the risk of delays for new tenancies signing for want of a valid EICR certificate,” said Rajeev Nayyar, Managing Director, Fixflo.

You can find out how to get started with Fixflo Contractor Marketplace here

We caught up with Raj about the new launch. Jump to 19 minutes in the below webinar to find out more:

If you'd like to learn more about Fixflo's multi-award winning solutions, check out their Kerfuffle page here.

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