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Outsourced sales progression – an estate agency sacred cow?

This week we’re looking at sales progression. In a survey we are currently undertaking on the topic, so far only 7% of agents outsource this to specialists, 51% of agents have dedicated in-house progressors and 41% leave it with negotiators to handle. Something that is so far unanimous though is that the conveyancing process takes far too long. 

Why we’re particularly interested in this right now is because there is a growing number of suppliers operating in this space highlighting the time savings and increased revenue streams they can provide. As lockdown starts to ease, many agents will be running with skeleton teams. Could outsourcing sales progression to specialists help you push through the deals in your pipeline faster whilst the staff you do have on the ground focus on building a new pipeline?

This Wednesday ASAP (Assured Sales and Progression) will be joining us on a webinar to talk us through their no sale no fee model and how it saves time and generates income for agents. Tune in to this webinar to compare their average conversion rates, completion times, and referrals to your own and to find out how this white-labeled service works.

Webinar details 

Who – Richard Megson

Date – Wednesday 6th May 2020

Time – 2pm

Duration – 30mins

Watch the full webinar now

Managing Director of ASAP Richard Megson commented “Our job is to make estate agent's lives easier and let them focus on what they do best - selling houses.  By outsourcing sales progression to our expert team, we can turn fixed staff costs into income generation and take advantage of our added value service. With the legal expertise in our business and our proactive approach we can help reduce transaction times by up to 7 weeks, meaning earlier payment for the agent, a significant reduction in fall through rates and happy clients.”

Kerfuffle deal

50% off sales progression for the first 3 months

Visit the ASAP profile to find out more. 

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