The Supplier Analysis whitepaper can save you £1000s

kerfuffle was created with one of the core aims to save agents money. We’ve had some staggering success with kerfuffle members who have embraced the process we’ve outlined for reviewing your existing suppliers; these agents are now saving on average £34,450 annually.  
Now unfortunately for so many right now, this review process is not optional - it’s a necessity. 

The kerfuffle white paper

We created the white paper after a survey highlighted just how out of touch agents are with their supply chain:

- When asked how many suppliers they used in total (excluding normal business suppliers like gas and electricity) the majority of agents said they thought they used 13. When they were actually asked to list them they realised they had underestimated it and that the true number was in fact 20. Most reacted with horror it had grown so much without them being aware.
- 1 in 4 agents admitted they were paying for a supplier they no longer actively used.

Some of the very best agents in the country have had marked success with this approach. Paramount saved over £60,000 by making cutbacks based on their Supplier Appraisal Session (SAS), Lawrence Rand and Drivers & Norris saved around £35,000 and Goldfinch saved £9,000.

Listen to Spencer Lawrence talk about this in more detail

 The SAS white paper

The whitepaper guides you through the process of identifying, classifying, appraising and costing up the suppliers you use to run your business. The results have been eye-opening to those that have done it. At a time when cash is king and urgent moves need to be made to ensure your business is agile enough to survive these uncertain times, this is a valuable exercise to complete.

Imagine how you’d feel letting a member of staff go and then realising you’d missed a supplier that wasn’t adding value to your business?

In an industry first we have just launched our Agent Dashboard which supports this process, giving you back control. As a kerfuffle member, you now have your own dashboard where you can quickly list out your suppliers and input contract renewal dates. This will help you to quickly identify any contracts that you could legally cancel or pause during this uncertain time. Stop using spreadsheets and make kerfuffle your partnership hub.

If you’re reading this and thinking this is a bit bleak just looking at cutting suppliers then you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. What we’re saying is that by using kerfuffle properly you will find better partners to your business where you can be comfortable investing more money for a demonstrable ROI. The absolute key is finding out which suppliers work for you and which don’t.

Download your white paper here and get started. 

If you’d like any additional support from us whilst completing this exercise please do get in touch – we’re here for you.

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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