Win a £15,000 business consultancy package | Kerfuffle

Win a £15,000 business consultancy package

Win a £15,000 business consultancy package courtesy of Kerfuffle

Think Dragons Den, spliced with a bit of Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares, chuck in a bit of Simon Whale and a few industry experts and there you have it – The Kerfuffle Challenge.

We’re looking for five companies, of any size, to work with some of Kerfuffle’s best suppliers, consultants and trainers over the next three months. Why? Because we feel that we can make demonstrable improvements to your business in that time and we want to prove it! All that we ask is that you’re open-minded as we don’t want too many of those ‘You’re an idiot sandwich’ moments.

[Whispers quietly] “We know it’s not bad out there.” In fact, we know the vast majority of agents would’ve bitten your hands off in June to be given a market like this to return to, but unlike Britain’s Got Talent it’s got to end sometime or at least come off the boil a little. Many of our clients are saying they think the next big challenge could be this run-up to Christmas now, and with the uncertainty of Brexit raising its head again coupled with the nightmare possibility of a second wave, we can’t all just sit around waiting for the vaccine (especially as that’s guaranteed to turn us into zombies, or a glowstick in the case of the Russian one).

Enter now

What else do you need to know?

Entry closing date: 28th October 2020 – so don’t delay, enter today!

The winners' package: The 5 lucky estate agencies to be selected to take part in this challenge will benefit from:

(1) Fortnightly training sessions with the previous Supplier of the Year and training legend Julian O’Dell. 

(2) Weekly consultative sessions with Richard Durrant, Ex MD of Intercounty and one of the best thought leaders on Lettings and business improvement around.

(3) Paul Morgan, IT Director at Farrell Heyworth and all-round IT guru will be on hand to discuss any IT challenges you face or provide suggestions for changes that could improve efficiencies. 

(4) Select PropTech solutions to try free of charge during the 3 month ‘Be Better’ period.

(5) A Supplier Tech Review that will help us hone your business to what you actually need.

Cost: It’s free! So what’s the catch? Whaley Wonka is so convinced that he’s got the right team together to look at every aspect of your business and make some improvements that all we’re asking for is permission to create a case study and a video interview at the end of the 3 months challenge.

How to enter: Like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, we haven’t got time for a mass chocolate eating competition to unveil the golden tickets, regrettably. So instead what we need from you if you’re interested is to fill in this entry form here which will ask you to profile your business. This information will be kept confidential. You can expect questions about estimated market appraisal conversion rates, fall through rates, size of your rental portfolio and to list out your existing suppliers.

Everyone’s a winner: For those of you that don’t make it into ‘the famous 5’, don’t worry - everyone who completes the entry form will receive free membership to Kerfuffle and a consultancy session to help you set up your supplier dashboard which will provide you with a resource going forward to support improved supply chain management. Look at what some of our happy Kerfuffler’s have managed so far by following our simple advice - Paramount Properties saved £60,000, Goldfinch £9,800, and Lawrence Rand and Drivers & Norris both saved over £30,000.

Bonus Prize: There’ll also be a bonus prize at the end of the three month challenge for the most improved agent.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t be sat around in January when the phones have stopped ringing thinking ‘I wish I’d Kerfuffle’d it’!

Enter now

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Emmeline Gale

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