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Belvoir Group launches unique high-performance training programme

Belvoir Group launches unique high-performance training programme

A total of 13 franchisees from brands within the Belvoir Group have graduated from a unique new high-performance leadership training programme. 

“The Belvoir Group Training Academy is fully committed to providing top quality training to all of our franchisees throughout their journey with us, and I would like to offer my congratulations to the 13 highly ambitious franchisees who have successfully completed this new course and are now further equipped to take their businesses to the next level,” says CEO Dorian Gonsalves.

“The Elevate high-performance growth programme is a seven-day course delivered by some of the best industry experts over a nine-month period and it is unique to our franchise concept. Nearly all current franchisee training within the sector is tailored to the products that franchisees are selling, but we felt the provision of exceptional leadership and management training was somewhat lacking within the sector. For this reason, we decided to write and develop our own high performance leadership training programme which is aptly named Elevate. This course aims to equip franchisees with the skills, knowledge and strategies needed to become successful business leaders who can go on to inspire and motivate their own high-performing teams

“The inaugural Elevate programme was fully funded by the Belvoir Group Training Academy and offered to a selection of some our most ambitious franchisees from Belvoir, Northwood, Newton Fallowell, Lovelle, and Nicholas Humphreys. Feedback has been outstanding, and as a result we are rolling the course out as an incredible, value for money opportunity to franchisees in 2024 and beyond. Plans are also underway to set up an Elevate Alumni programme, which will help to retain motivation and focus on business growth.

“All new franchisees operating in the Group’s brands have access to extremely high standard training opportunities within the Belvoir Training Academy and I am delighted that our more experienced and ambitious franchisees can now benefit from enhanced leadership training. Trainers on the Elevate course included best-selling author Stuart Ross and lettings growth expert Sally Lawson. There was also peer input and online training from in-house industry experts from within the Belvoir Training Academy. 

“Belvoir’s Training Academy is extremely focused on providing accessible, top-quality training and communication to all franchisees within the Group. During the past year franchisees have also had access to Fransys, a specialist intranet system developed to ensure franchisees and their teams can access affordable and convenient online training courses, learning pathways and a range of webinars to ensure they remain up to date and compliant in what is an extremely fast-moving industry. The Belvoir Training Academy is a key factor to the success of our franchisees and the wider Group.” 

Find out more about the Belvoir Franchise Group here:

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