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Choosing the Right WIFI Solution for Your Agency

Choosing the Right WIFI Solution for Your Agency

Selecting the perfect WIFI solution for your agency is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your operations. 

Inadequate WIFI can lead to serious business problems, such as decreased performance, heightened stress for your agents, and diminished motivation. 

In this guide, we'll explore different WIFI solutions tailored to the specific needs of estate agents, considering factors like office size, the number of connected devices, and daily data usage.

Traditional WIFI Routers:

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A WIFI router serves as the backbone of your real estate office's internet connection, managing data traffic and enabling wireless device connections.


Cost-effective and readily available.

Easy to set up and manage.

Combines routing, switching, and wireless capabilities in one device.


Limited coverage, leading to dead zones in larger office spaces.

Expanding coverage might require additional routers, leading to complexity.

Access Points (APs):

Access points extend WIFI connectivity to specific areas, ensuring better performance in larger business environments.


Can be strategically placed for extended coverage.

Better performance in larger office spaces.

Many APs can be managed centrally for ease of control.


Larger upfront investment compared to routers.

Setting up multiple APs might require professional installation.

Mesh Networks:

Mesh networks provide seamless and extended WIFI coverage by collaborating multiple devices, eliminating dead zones and ensuring consistent connectivity.


Seamless coverage throughout your real estate office.

Automatic rerouting of traffic for maximum reliability.

Easy to set up and manage.


More expensive than routers or single APs.

Limited advanced settings in some mesh systems.

How a Site Survey Can Assist Your WIFI Solutions

A WIFI Site Survey assesses your entire office network infrastructure, identifying coverage gaps, interference sources, and optimal access point placement. This survey helps determine the best WIFI solution for your real estate business.

By conducting a WIFI survey, you can efficiently plan your office's infrastructure, distributing access points more effectively and saving money. At Genmar, we specialise in WIFI site surveys tailored to real estate agencies, whether you're a small boutique agency or a large enterprise-level firm.

If you're interested in enhancing your office's WIFI connectivity and potentially saving thousands in Internet infrastructure, consider our WIFI site surveys. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your real estate business solve its WIFI issues.

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WIFI Site Surveys | Genmar IT

Find out more about Genmar IT here:

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