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Get Twice the Training with Able Agent & Kerfuffle

Take on the biggest challenges in property with Able Agent and Kerfuffle, two of the leading providers have teamed up to create a fantastic combination of training and development on their respective platforms.

Training and upskilling staff  is always cited as one of the most important things to do for business, but unfortunately the rhetoric doesn’t often stay true when market conditions change as they are now. Training especially face to face is often the 1st things to do given the £1.5k+ fees that the top trainers command… but now there’s a solution to both of these:

On demand digital training on any device at anytime with more top trainers than any other platform, and at a fantastically affordable fee of £99 a month.

You can see the launch webinar we did explaining some of the reasons we got together and Charlotte giving a free overview session on 'Converting more market appraisals & at higher fees'  Kampus Live! An exclusive Kerfuffle Kampus & The Able Agent Live Training Event                                                    

Clck here to read all about it on Property Industry Eye.

The Able Agent and Kerfuffle have teamed up to form a new training partnership which they hope will raise the benchmark in online training and qualifications available to estate and lettings agents.

Staff retention and expertise is a key focus for agents in 2022 and both platforms claim to have seen significant growth over the last 12 months.

The Able Agent continues to provide agents with a training and qualification resource, with a view to help companies underpin and develop their legal, sales skills and process knowledge.

Kerfuffle has access to industry suppliers and trainers offering a variety of sales skills ideas.

Your agency can now get access to both training platforms for under £100 a month. One of the first agents on the platform said "A lot of people talk the talk about the importance of training but then don't match the words, but where else can you get access to this level of content and development for that price?"

Simon Whale, head of Kerfuffle, commented “I’ve known Charlotte [Jeffrey-Campbell of the Able Agent] for years and I’ve always been a huge fan of her training and ability to bring the best out of her agent clients, that admiration has only increased when I saw the fantastic platform she’s created with Able Agent.

“Even though we had our own Learning Management System (LMS) it was absolutely clear to both of us that if we really believed in the goal of giving agents every possible bit of support that logically that could only be increased by us working together.”

Jeffrey-Campbell added: “This collaboration gives business owners a world of resources at their fingertips to support their business training objectives.

“We are entering a period of market uncertainty, so the ability to differentiate is essential in raising fee and stock levels.”

Meanwhile, as a special offer to Property Industry Eye readers, The Able Agent and Kerfuffle are offering the first people to sign up to their new service a half price discount.

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Emma Longden

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