How did we get here? Looking back on three incredible years. | Kerfuffle

How did we get here? Looking back on three incredible years.

I know that everyone expects us to celebrate our three year anniversary at Kerfuffle in true Kerfuffle style that has become synonymous with the words Simon and Whale; or perhaps at very least, like a three year old toddler would celebrate their birthday with jelly, ice cream and party hats - but there will be plenty of time for that later. 

I wanted to take a moment and look back at three years of Kerfuffle, where we’ve been and where we are headed. Firsty, let’s deal with the elephant in the room. A question that never gets old: What is Kerfuffle? 

On a mission since 2019 to make sense of the noise, whilst still making all the right noises, at its simplest level Kerfuffle helps estate agents find the best suppliers at the right price. 

We do this in a number of ways and a tremendous amount of effort goes into our constant review of the Proptech market place, making sure that the latest supplier innovations and solutions are made available to agents. Whatever you might think about supplier and agent relationship, one thing is for sure, three years on, you can now buy a solution with confidence, knowing that there is access to peer reviews and more transparency around supplier offerings. 

Whether you have had one of our MOT’s, seen one of our many webinars, supplier spotlights, panel shows, our Gogglebox style review of proptech product demos, our deep dives into key industry hot topics, thought leadership interviews and pieces from respected industry influencers, our free e-books, whitepapers and guides - Kerfuffle showcases solutions that help estate agents achieve more, scale faster or just provide a better customer experience. 

It has been quite a journey over the last three years and what started out as a rather vague pre-pandemic proposition, quickly turned into a fully fledged, industry leading resource and (we’d like to think) a vital asset to any estate agency business. 

Our journey mirrors that of the industry as a whole over the course of the last three years. It has been fast paced, quickly evolving and the challenges have been numerous. Still, here in the second quarter of 2022, it is hard to predict what additional challenges lie in wait for the property market. Whatever that may be, as an industry, it feels like we have learned to talk through our challenges together, share our resources and everything we do has become focussed around improving standards and championing the massive value that estate agents add to the home moving process. In short, we are having better quality conversations and learning to work together. 

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No longer just a means to an end, for people trying to sell, buy or rent; the agents that we have had the great privilege of working with over the last three years have ranged from self employed agents working from home, local independents, all the way up to multi-branch agencies that span several counties. 

What we have learned from our conversations with you is that you are all extremely passionate about delivering excellent customer service and challenging the status quo. You all, in your own way, want to improve the reputation of estate agents as a whole. You appreciate that we are stronger together, and that if you want to be constantly growing you also need to be constantly learning.

The technology and innovations will never replace an agent, and nor should it. Used correctly, technology helps an agent to streamline their processes, achieve more with less resources and reduce administrative burdens. 

Doing things the way they have always been done, may be a comforting notion for some, but it’s clear that the things that may have been successful in the past, offer no guarantees for future successes. What we know from speaking to the best estate agency businesses in the country, is that those with the courage to challenge that way of thinking, constantly reviewing and improving their processes and implementing the right technological solutions to support their fantastic teams, reap the rewards. 

So as Kerfuffle reaches its third birthday, we’d like to thank our supplier and agent clients for your amazing support over the past three years. We’ve got plenty more planned for the future and we are constantly working to bring you the best and most relevant content, supplier solutions, innovations and training resources.  It’s been an immense privilege to have played our part in your successes and journeys, and likewise you have each played your part in our success and getting us to where we are today. 

If you haven’t yet engaged with us, it doesn’t hurt - we are a friendly, knowledgeable bunch and easily one of the best teams I have ever worked with. The advice we offer isn’t just as technology enthusiasts, but as professionals with hands-on estate agency experience.  Just drop us a line, get in touch or jump on our website and sign up as a member of the Kerfuffle club. We can help you solve your challenges, revamp your processes with superb technology, or just reinvigorate your team with some fresh inspiration withKerfuffle Kampus - our online learning management platform that offers on demand training from industry leading trainers, whenever and wherever you like. 

Now if you don’t mind - I’ve got some jelly, ice cream and a party hat with my name on it. Happy birthday Kerfufflers! Here’s to many more years of Kerfuffling and world class estate agency. 

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David Mintz

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