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Kamma and Dezrez launch exciting new integration that helps agents demonstrate expertise and win more instructions

- Brand new integration within Dezrez’s sales and lettings software, Rezi, allows agents seamless access to Kamma’s best-in-class tech solution

- Rezi agents can now stay up to date with real time reports on changing regulations, and demonstrate expertise to their landlords

- Alliance between innovative CRM platform Rezi and leading tech supplier Kamma highlights the growing role of PropTech in delivering both differentiation and growth for lettings agencies

On Tuesday 7th September Dezrez announced another impressive integration with world-leading geospatial technology company, Kamma, allowing users to produce bespoke property reports directly within its estate agent software, Rezi. The partnership is one of many innovative third-party integrations that Dezrez have completed in recent months, allowing their users to access industry-leading technology solutions at the click of a button.

With more regulation hitting the private rented sector in the form of property licensing schemes and ever-tightening MEES regulations, Kamma's pioneering technology enables agents to stay on top of changes and win over landlords by producing beautiful bespoke reports that keep their clients informed. With fines of up to £30,000 for getting it wrong, Kamma’s reports provide a real way to stand out and increase customer value.

Within a matter of seconds, Rezi users are now able to produce beautiful and informative property reports directly from the platform. They can then provide their landlords clear advice on rental yields, local licensing regulations and energy efficiency improvements, all specific to the property in question. Landlords are increasingly dependent on their agents to help them navigate the tricky regulatory landscape of the rental sector, and this new integration allows agents to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate expertise with ease.

With a growing number of regulations to abide by and council enforcement on the up, it’s been more important for agents to help their landlords navigate the market and stay compliant. As Kamma CEO Orla Shields explains “Landlords are increasingly looking to agents to provide clear advice, especially when it comes to rules and regulations within the Private Rented Sector. Our tool allows any agent to become an expert in compliance at the click of a button. This is becoming a growing differentiator for letting agents who face stiff competition when trying to win instructions. We are really thrilled to be fully integrated with Dezrez’s platform, helping their agents to grow their business and win instructions with our beautiful, dynamic property reports.”

Ross Liddell, Commercial Director at Dezrez, commented “We are proud to be partnering with the team at Kamma to help ease the burden of property compliance on our lettings agents.

The integration between Rezi & Kamma, using our open API and their industry leading tech, will give our agents key reports & control of their property compliance from within their software, as well as removing the need for costly manual checks.

As more is being asked of agents from a compliance & regulatory perspective, we see partnerships with forward thinking companies like Kamma as not only key for our customers, but to continue on our mission to connect the property world.”

Kamma is a world-leading geospatial technology company based in the UK. It specialises in creating unique data and solutions from disparate information for the property and financial sectors. Kamma works with organisations throughout the property value chain, providing unique data that wins new instructions, creates new revenue streams, and slashes the operational cost of compliance.

Dezrez is a CRM software provider for estate agents. Offering agencies the latest tools to work more productively, connect branch networks more efficiently and deploy business insight more effectively. Its sales and lettings software Rezi is fully cloud-based and boasts an open API. Meaning agents can work anywhere, anytime whilst utilising 1000s of leading marketplace apps. It’s CRM software trusted by over 20,000 real estate agents. Together we are connecting the property world.

Click here to find out more about the integration.

Visit the Kamma and Dezrez landing pages for exclusive Kerfuffle deals and to see their glowing reviews.  

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Annabel McGuire

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