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KnowledgeShare: Recruiting the right people

Here is a thought leadership article from Cream HR

A chronic skills shortage may lead to pressurised recruitment. Recruiting the wrong person can cost your business far more than you imagine. When research suggests that 85% of candidates lie on their CV and 81% lie at interview, you need a reliable process to ensure that you recruit well.

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The cost of recruiting the wrong person can range from around 6 to 15 times that person’s annual salary. With that in mind recruiting the wrong person into an entry-level position can cost your business a considerable amount of money. Added to this, research suggests that 85% of candidates lie on their C.V. and 81% lie during interview. 

These figures alone should make you sit up and realise how important it is to recruit the right people. 

Fundamental to successful recruitment is a consistent and effective process.  The following outline may help.

  • Define the role – identify your needs and draft an accurate job description
  • Set out a clear recruitment process
  • Identify candidate sourcing methods – agree a plan and implement it
  • CV/Applicant screening – review and respond to CV’s and applications quickly
  • Conduct telephone interviews – using structured questions this is an effective way to assess candidates quickly and only select relevant and interested candidates for interview. The interviewer does not discuss the candidate with the next stage interviewer.
  • Initial interview – using a structured interview and scoring approach for all candidates based on what they HAVE done rather than based on what they might do. Ideally this interview is face to face. The interviewer does not discuss the candidate with the final stage interviewer. They may ask the interviewer to explore more deeply certain areas of interest in their background.
  • Second interview – using the same structured approach as the previous interview and ideally face to face. All three interviewers discuss candidates only after this stage is complete.
  • Formal offer process – agree the details of the offer, prepare it in writing and make the offer in person – at least by telephone. Formally reject unsuitable candidates and thank them for their interest.

There are many important do’s and don’ts in the recruitment process. Recruitment is an area that should be developed and is one that once learnt will pay you back over and over again. For more detailed information and support, please contact the team at Cream HR – 

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