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KnowledgeShare: Top tips to improve cashflow and increase revenue through digital conveyancing

Here is a thought leadership article from WeCOMPLETE

The most popular business model for estate agents is being paid on completion therefore time is of the essence. The agents tend to put all the hard work in by listing the property, marketing it, arranging viewings and negotiating the sale, but it doesn't help them get paid quicker. 


WeCOMPLETE offers an end-to-end digital property completion platform developed to streamline the process of conveyancing and communication between all parties.

Put your brand first with WeCOMPLETE's white label ability as you progress your sale from quote to completion. Now available to the whole estate agent and legal firm arena, WeCOMPLETE is changing the pace of transactions across England and Wales and is proven to reduce completion times by an average of 42%, including the most complex and problematic of cases. With homeowners citing conveyancing delays as a significant contributor to a sale falling through, WeCOMPLETE has reduced fall-through rates to less than a third of the national average.

WeCOMPLETE coordinates the work of estate agents and legal teams using world-class technology to progress the sale. More than just tracking, WeCOMPLETE is a technology supplied to estate agents and conveyancers to expedite every step of the conveyancing process, including automated updates and communication with clients and interested parties in real-time, eliminating labour intensive phone calls, emails, and snail-mail. Agents who have adopted the WeCOMPLETE platform have achieved completions in under 28 days.

Problems we solve for agents

Conveyancing has long been a problem for agents paid on completion. More than just tracking: WeCOMPLETE expedited the conveyancing process by providing a full CRM to legal teams to speed up onboarding, AML, search ordering and returns, form filling, document signing, communication and every step in between. A remote and paperless transaction, reducing completion times by an average of 42% across the most complex of cases. A proven ability to complete in under 28 days and with homeowners citing conveyancing delays as a contributor to sales collapsing WeCOMPLETE has reduced fall-throughs to less than a third of the national average.

Click here to find out how WeCOMPLETE can help your agency 

Agents are increasingly turning to conveyancing solutions that improve customer experience, generate revenue and improve cash flow.

In 2021, the Competition and Markets Authority recognised the value in digital comparison tools that will enable consumers to compare legal service providers, similarly to the way it's done in many other industries.

Here are our five tips on generating more interest in conveyancing quotes to help your clients find the best legal team for their property transactions and help you earn more from conveyancing through your website or CRM.

1. Fixed Legal Fees and Transparency 

CMA encouraged the introduction of fixed legal fees to allow consumers to assess a providers' offering and make it easier for them to "shop around." Since conveyancing prices may differ between conveyancers, having a comparison tool that will help your clients view multiple quotes simultaneously whilst providing the exact legal fee is clearly beneficial. 

2. Quote At Opportune Times

Whenever your clients are looking to sell, explain to them that obtaining a conveyancing quote and instructing a legal team at the point of listing their property will get them legal-ready and likely speed up the property transaction. In the same vein, whenever a buyer is found, you can generate a free comparison quote for them so they have a complete financial picture of their upcoming purchase. Furthermore, quoting to both sides of the transaction can drive additional revenue and enhance transparency and a memorable customer experience.

3. Streamlined Auto-Quoting with Technology

Remove the need for double-keying and manual quoting by implementing a comparison quoting tool that integrates into your agency CRM. This will save your staff time, secure your pipeline and drive hands-off revenue to your agency. Take advantage of technology to ensure there are no missed earning opportunities and maximise conversion with automated and time-optimised quoting.

4. Instructing a Conveyancer: No Longer a 9-to-5 Affair

In the modern world, buyers and sellers alike want to act as swiftly as possible and often will search for a conveyancer outside the regular 9-to-5. This is why it's imperative to give them an opportunity to obtain conveyancing quotes for their upcoming sale or purchase outside the conventional working hours. A digital comparison tool is a perfect way to provide quotes, become the first port of call with your business, and doubles up as a lead generation device. 

5. Do They Know What You Offer?

When you are so busy with enquiries, lead generation, valuations, viewings and negotiating the sale, it's easy to overlook the promotion of your ancillary services. The easiest way to spread awareness that you provide conveyancing quotes is by making it a regular feature across your marketing channels. Whether you regularly email your prospects or talk to them on your social media, an eye-catching image and a short paragraph reminding them that you provide digital conveyancing will go a long way.

Ultimately, the success of your conveyancing services will depend on the strength of your message and the consistency of its delivery. The best practice is to make sure you market your service in a variety of ways and test out the tactics outlined above to ensure that your conveyancing offering produces the desired outcomes.

WeCOMPLETE offers an intuitive auto-quoting solution directly from CRM integrations empowering agents to deliver pace, transparency and revenue. To learn more about our integrations, click below.

Click here to find out how WeCOMPLETE can help your agency 


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