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Lights, Camera, Action!

When was the last time you listened to an advert on the radio? More to the point, when was the last time you sat, watched or listened to any form of advert?

On demand video has pretty much changed the way that we consume media. It means that you can watch what you want to watch at a time that suits you, either for free or for a nominal cost. It means that you choose what you want to see, you can even choose which adverts your wish to see, or if you wish to see them at all.

Although video as a medium has been around for decades, where it has come into its own is with the advent of social media and mobile phones. Video in one form or another is being directly beamed to our handsets and we can watch and consume content from anywhere on the globe.

As video is much more dynamic and entertaining than static imagery, the chances are that the next generation have stopped reading and have started watching instead. But how has this impacted on our industry and the way that estate agents market themselves and their properties?

In short, if you haven’t adopted video yet, the results are simply undeniable - you need to start implementing video content today!

It does take a bit of a leap of faith, as most of us don’t like see or hear ourselves on camera, but in the eyes of the public, this window into your business pays massive dividends in terms of trust. Studies show that the public tend to trust and form a bond with personalities that they see on the big or small screen and social media is no exception.

Estate agents who have embraced video as a tool, often send a video introduction before they have even met the client at a market appraisal. This is a great digital ‘icebreaker’ and makes the client feel like they have already met you. By the time you show up in person, they feel like they are welcoming back a previous acquaintance so that initial meeting tends to run much more smoothly and less awkwardly.

There is also an element of trust that you can convey with your property videos. After all, our role as property professionals is to be knowledgable and helpful and there is simply no better way to convey this than through the use of video. By the time they meet you in person, your client will have heard you talking knowledgeably about your particular field of expertise. You won’t have to spend time winning them over and convincing them that you are up to the job.

Social media brings with it a reach that is simply unparalleled, and for just a few pounds, you can target an audience in a way that radio or television advertising was unable to do.

The video content you produce doesn’t have to be professionally edited or filmed with expensive equipment. The main thing is that it needs to be authentic and non-contrived. People buy people and this could be the first impression that you make. Just relax and try being yourself to camera. Enjoy the experience for what it is, all you need is mobile phone, a deep breath and you are ready to go!

Kerfuffle can help find the right suppliers to help you supercharge your content and get your video campaigns off the ground. We help simplify estate agency technology decisions for people like you, every day.

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Annabel McGuire

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