Meet the people behind the brand: Veco - Richard Murray | Kerfuffle

Meet the people behind the brand: Veco - Richard Murray

 Richard Murray, CEO of Veco

What is your career background?
I have worked in the Property industry over the last 15 years, including commercial property investment and management, residential property development and proptech. I started my career is sales working for a wholesaler in the engineering sector and rose to a senior level where I had the opportunity to take part in my first management buyout. After being involved in a couple of further management buyouts, I decided to invest in proptech  – and that’s when my career began in the property industry.

How did you come to work for Veco™️? 
In 2007, I decided to invest in Eurolink and acquired 33% stake in the proptech business. I was looking for something longer term that I could have a significant impact on. I am delighted that we have since circumnavigated the recession, relocated the business to purpose-built offices and delivered growth of over 193% without any external funding. The Veco™️ product mix has been firmly established as a leading product within the sector and is used by some of the biggest and best names in Estate Agency and Property Management and now has over 1 million UK properties on its clients’ databases.. We have successfully partnered multiple tender submissions for significant public sector contracts with some of the largest government supplier

What's your proudest achievement?
I have been fortunate to be involved in a number of companies in my career. I have acquired and exited businesses, started new, or acquired equity in others, delivered growth and completed deals with large corporates, PLCs and government contracts.

What are the top 3 challenges you believe your business solves for agents?
We pioneered the one-system concept by delivering a single software platform for all residential agency disciplines, which centralises data, enables agents to scale up and manages compliance. Our unique approach to automation has helped our clients scale their businesses whist controlling head count and overhead.  Eurolink has 30 years of experience and business logic supports our users with the myriad of compliance requirements.

Which industry suppliers do you admire most?
For different reasons I would say Fixflo, Rightmove and Coadjute. These are all cutting-edge, innovative and market-leading brands in their sector. I admire the phenomenal success of Rightmove and the value it gives to stakeholders - love or hate Rightmove, you have to admire their achievements. Coadjute are highly innovative and are driving massive change in the market – love their passion and salesmanship. Finally, Fixflo – great guys that deserve every success, as they have worked so hard to be where they are today.

Which estate agencies do you admire most?
Connells, Linley & Simpson, Centrick, Ocean Home, Northfields and Paramount. All these agents have strong, inspiring leadership and . My favourite is Connells – you only have to look at their results.  During the tough times of 2008 and more recently during the pandemic, Connells have been at the top of their game – demonstrating best practice in the industry. Linley and Simpson are also outstanding in different ways – they started with a single office in Oakwood, Leeds and I have watched them grow into a phenomenally successful agency.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from working with estate agents so far?
That agency remains a people business, and proptech exists to support that.

Visit the Veco landing page on Kerfuffle for more information and to see reviews

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