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Meet the people behind the brand - WeCOMPLETE part 2

Konrad Frankowski – Digital Marketing Manager

Konrad Frankowski's career spans across three continents and 12 countries. His broad marketing experience comes from supporting an array of businesses: from property to luxury consumer goods and manufacturing. Kon's skillset brings together love for everything digital combined with traditional marketing.

How did you come to work for WeCOMPLETE?

Having been previously involved in another proptech I was given an opportunity to join the WeCOMPLETE team when it still was an idea. As a marketeer I always try and push my professional boundaries. WeCOMPLETE allows me to combine my love for tech with marketing.

What’s your proudest achievement?

Simply put: just being involved from the very beginning in working on such ground-breaking technology.  A technology that reimagined conveyancing by demystifying and streamlining every step of the process. It’s a rare occurrence to be involved in something that is geared up to change the face of an entire industry and witness everything that comes with it.

What are the Top 3 challenges you believe your business solves for agents?

Streamlined, more transparent conveyancing process: WeCOMPLETE reverse-engineers every single step of a property transaction and brings all parties together, without a need of chasing, phone calls or email communication. Every milestone can be viewed in the progress calendar and all parties can communicate with each other in real-time via the platform. Most importantly, however,

Instant conveyancing quotes and faster completions: seriously improved completion times, which allow estate agents to realise their earnings faster and providing the best customer experience to the homeowners, whilst being able to increase their revenue and maximise the earnings with the integrated, white-labelled quoting tool.

Digital conveyancing platform: with so many products available for estate agents, WeCOMPLETE is a digital conveyancing platform that takes care of the process from instruction all the way to completion. The unique setup enables estate agents to not only provide conveyancing quotes and track the property transactions, but also support all sellers and buyers, their solicitors and mortgage brokers by helping them to get-legal ready.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from working with estate agents so far?

Understanding the amazing work estate agents do and the pressures they are under.

 we c


Rachael Bull – Account Manager

Rachael Bull is an experienced property expert with an unrivalled drive for first-class customer service. Throughout her career in the property industry, Rachael worked with various estate agents, ranging from small, independent agencies through to household names and digital, making her a highly-driven professional striving for customer excellence.

How did you come to work for WeCOMPLETE?

I was offered the exciting opportunity to join WeCOMPLETE having previously been employed by Amy our CEO.

What’s your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement was gaining the confidence and ability to demo to Estate Agents having never done this before.

What are the Top 3 challenges you believe your business solves for agents?

1. Instant Conveyancing Quotes - Provides instant conveyancing quotes, showing breakdown, for complete transparency.  Enabling EA's to get their clients legal ready and earn boosted fees.
2. Faster Completions - Speeds up conveyancing time from offer to completion so that EA's get their service fee quicker.
3. Real time Updates - Provides real time 24/7 updates for EA's and their clients without the need to chase or make telephone calls, giving EA's more time to concentrate on building their business.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from working with estate agents so far?

The most valuable lesson I have learned from working with EA's is that some do not necessarily understand the complexities of the conveyancing procedure.  So do not take for granted when demoing that they fully understand what is involved in the process.



Ryan Lewis – Account Manager

Ryan Lewis is a performance-driven property expert with a passion for everything property. Through his estate and letting agency experience and involvement in managing investment accounts, Ryan developed a deep interest and understanding of how properties are transacted. Armed with this knowledge, he's committed to faster property transactions and impeccable customer service.

How did you come to work for WeCOMPLETE?

I had spent a number of years working within the property sector, having built up experience as an Estate Agent, Lettings Agent and as an investment account manager.
After realising that massive change needed to be made in order to improve the conveyancing process for all parties involved, I began to look around in order to see who was doing anything about it.

I looked into various companies that were involved in conveyancing, but could not seem to find anything that I believed would have much of an impact on the process as a whole. 
As soon as I came across the system that would later be named as WeCOMPLETE, I knew I had to be a part of it, so that I could one day say I was a member of the group that revolutionised the property industry.  

What’s your proudest achievement?

Although myself and the team have accomplished so much since WeCOMPLETE's inception, I have to say that I am most proud of purchasing my very first property via WeCOMPLETE and completing in just over 4 weeks.

The fact that I used a system that I work in on a day to day basis in order to benefit me massively within my personal life just reaffirms how this is more than just a job to me, it is my life and that goes for the rest of the team also.  

What are the Top 3 challenges you believe your business solves for agents?

Top 3 Challenges I believe our business solves for Agents:

1. Improved communication amongst all parties.
From what I have seen, traditionally, all parties are sending emails here, there and everywhere and the process becomes very confusing for everyone involved (Mostly client and Agent).

The agent tries their very best to keep themselves fully informed in order to be able to assist the client, the fact of the matter is there is usually someone not fully aware of where the transaction is at and or heading. 

WeCOMPLETE brings all parties into one platform / system where everyone can communicate and share documents within group channels with read receipts as well as private direct messages. 

WeCOMPLETE has systems in place that enable all parties to receive instant notifications whenever a solicitor or an Estate agent completes one of the milestones i.e 'Searches ordered'. 

These notifications are displayed within the system, but are also sent directly to each participant via email.

As the client is already fully updated within the system, this means less phone calls / emails for the Estate Agent, freeing up more time for them to focus on the rest of the chain.

If there is no chain involved, then the Agent can of course spend their time on other things such as generating new business. 

2. Reduced Fall Through Rates.
WeCOMPLETE continues to experience fall through rates at less than a 3rd of the National Average.

I believe that this is a by-product of having such great communication systems in place, therefore the client feels so much more relaxed as they can see their legal team, Estate Agent, maybe even their mortgage broker all together in one platform working towards the same result. 

You may be thinking 'it's all well in good keeping your Vendor happy, but what about the external parties'.

Once you have both Vendor and purchaser within the weCOMPLETE system, both fully informed, all documents digitally signed within minutes, you will be very confident that neither of the two are thinking of reconsidering. 

Agents can communicate with external solicitors as well as entire chains all from the 'External Contacts' section, keeping all correspondence and documentation within that specific case in the weCOMPLETE system. 

Once the other agents / solicitors hear of you and your legal teams fast progress, it has a substantial knock on effect and everyone seems to get their act together.

3. Completion Times.
Finally, the one everyone has been waiting for...

There are a number of ways that WeCOMPLETE improves / reduces completion times.

However, most of these points would be considered improvements or benefits as opposed to Challenges that we solve. 

We do recommend that Agents have the clients instruct Solicitors just as they go to market and the price can then be changed within WeCOMPLETE once a sale has been agreed. 

The purchasers benefit from instant onboarding, the ability to complete AML checks and sign documents digitally within seconds, making their part of this process that much easier and ultimately speeding up the process to no end. 

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from working with estate agents so far?

The most valuable lesson I have learnt from working with Estate Agents so far is the importance of systems. 

Every Estate Agent has their own unique way of getting the job done, every branch seems to have a quality team in place in order to cover all parts of the Sales process. 

One thing I have realised that most firms are lacking is a system that tracks exactly where the case is at from start to finish. 

I am not just talking about the conveyancing process, but from the very minute the agent first makes contact with the client. 

I have looked at 10's of CRM systems, none of which are the most effective for tracking from start to finish.   

I would highly recommend that Agents have their clients instruct Solicitors at the start of the sales process and then keep all documents (Including notes) and correspondence within the WeCOMPLETE system from day one. 

This could not make things any easier for an Estate Agency, no more working in 2-5 different systems, benefit from pre ordered searches and keep all information in one place. 


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Annabel McGuire

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