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muuvo - Instant Utility Data

A snapshot of the council and utility data we add to your property profile in the free Muuvo platform.


 How much does this service cost?
Although obtaining this data costs us a pretty penny, this is not a cost we pass on to the agent, all we ask is that we have exclusivity when selling Broadband, TV, and Energy and that your referencing partner is made aware of this.

What happens if the tenants switch supplier? Is the property’s supplier updated?
Yes, whenever you action a change of occupancy, Muuvo will run a check on all respective data and update the system with any changes.

What about if the actual meters are changed?
We will have the new MPAN’s and serial numbers as part of the change of occupancy refresh. Each time there is a change of occupancy, your property will be updated with the latest information.

Can we upload all our managed properties?
You can. You can use the CSV uploader to upload all your landlords, followed by your properties. You will then be able to see all your properties in Muuvo with their current suppliers and all meter details.

Where does the data come from?
Without giving away our secrets, we make multiple API calls to several providers including the same systems that are used by all the utility suppliers.

What’s a UPRN?
This is the Unique Property Reference Number. Every property in the UK now has one and this will be used a lot more for reference in the future.

What if the property address is not showing on the list?
On the odd occasion when a particular address is not listed, you can add the address manually, add a picture of the meter or recent bill and we will fill in the gaps for you. We hold the same number of addresses as the Royal Mail, but we do appreciate some addresses are named differently or even sometimes missing.

Can this work with my CRM?
Absolutely, our system has been built to allow software partners to send us landlord, property, and tenancy data. Once the data has been received by the CRM, Muuvo will look-up the supplier and meter information. This data will also be available to send back to the CRM for the user to see.

Can I see this data in my CRM?
We have built Muuvo to be able to share all the data we receive with our carefully selected partners. Muuvo can send your CRM as webhook when the data is ready to be collected and presented in your CRM. You will also have login details to Muuvo directly, should you need to assess any of the details.

Who are muuvo?

A smarter thinking home-move service that seamlessly connects your tenants and home-buyers with great deals, whilst saving you time and money.

This software solution offers quick and clever automation when setting up council and utility accounts and provides advanced functionality such as, council tax, water supplier and energy supplier -up that includes all related energy meter details.

Muuvo includes free billing and administration support, as well as a dedicated account manager, who will always be on hand to assist, thereby saving you precious time and unnecessary stress.

Visit their landing page for more information and to see reviews

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Annabel McGuire

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