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New ValPal – the revolution continues

When we first launched our flagship instant valuation tool in 2015 (which soon became known as ValPal) we were the first to introduce the innovation.

Since then - and following the mantra that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - we have seen many competitors entering the market trying to offer something similar.

We have stayed ahead of the competition by constantly evolving and improving, developing The ValPal Network to offer a range of services – from gold-standard lead nurture (MovePal) to instant communication (ChatPal and ChatPal Premium) and help with social media and Facebook ads.

It is this ethos – to never stand still, to never accept second best, to never become complacent – that has led us to what we are calling New ValPal, an upgraded version of our ground-breaking software that will help agents stay ahead of the game even in tougher times.

Innovation, innovation, innovation

We have been making a number of radical improvements to ValPal to make it easier and simpler for members to make the most of every lead that lands in their lap.

To do this, we’ve listened to our agents’ feedback and produced an entirely new dashboard with lots of extra features and gizmos that will make life so much easier – offering that convenience and assistance that will allow our members to thrive.

This complete lead management system – which includes the ability to add notes and set reminders where necessary – provides agents with all the tools to increase their chances of getting vendor and landlord leads, nurturing them successfully and turning these into sought-after market appraisals and instructions.

A stripped-back MovePal

To make things easier, cleaner and less complicated for our agents, we have stripped back MovePal to remove all the journeys and communication options and created a lead management dashboard for agents.

As a result of the changes we’ve made, all leads will be imported to a single dashboard. This will enable all members of an agent’s team to log-in, review leads and move these to a relevant column depending on the outcome.

These leads will include full ValPal leads, Before You Go leads, bonus leads and Facebook ad leads.

A common niggle we’ve had from agents is how too many different pages cause confusion, so for any agent who has multiple ValPal pages, we have made it so that they will be able to log-in to one centralised platform, or our app, to review all their leads while at the same time still being able to identify the source of the traffic.

In this new dashboard, agents will also be able to identify the branches that leads have been sent to, based on postcode.

ValPal on the go

We know that agents are busy people who are often on the move, whether it be driving between viewings or attending a market appraisal. With this in mind, being able to access and contact leads – and keep track of all this – while on the go is likely to have considerable appeal.

Especially when you add in the fact that this can now all be done from one single, central dashboard. One of our new features is an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app to allow our members to stay ahead of the game while they’re on the go.

We live so much of our day online, and through apps, so it makes perfect sense for us to provide agents with this option to help keep them ahead of the competition.

If you would like to find out more about new ValPal and what it can do for you, please get in touch with us today. We are here to help.

Find out how The ValPal Network can help your agency here.

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Emma Longden

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