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PropTech firm celebrates 30,000 offers through its digital platform

Leading proptech firm, Offr has just recorded its 30,000th offer made through the proptech’s revolutionary digital platform, via 25,000 registered and approved buyers.

Offr’s success is despite the property market cooling, with figures from Rightmove showing a 24% jump in the number of prospective sellers bringing homes to market. The research shows that the appraisals that estate agents are doing have reached the highest level since January 2022. There has also been a 14% increase in homes coming onto the market in the first two weeks of July alone.

Delivering the world's fastest and most trusted way of transacting property sales, Offr is a risk-free process for agents, taking lots of leg work out of what can be a tense and time-consuming process. All offers submitted must be fully qualified (with information on funding details, buyer position, proof of funds, AML checks and ID verification), before the submit button is hit. 

Philip Farrell, CCO & Co-Founder of Offr, commented: “We were delighted with our success and reaching the 30,000th offer – this is a significant milestone for Offr, despite the tough economic conditions and the slowing property market.

“Offr’s success to date is testament to its innovative technology and the transparency the platform provides vendors. The Offr button sits seamlessly on an agency’s website, so buyers can make an offer on a property with just a few taps, while vendors and agents have total transparency over the latest offers. This puts an end to the manual and time-consuming process and cuts sales times by up to 50%.

“Our recent research shows that over 50% of respondents said they had no trust or faith in the property buying process.  Though the majority of agents are doing their best to pull a deal together, there is mistrust amongst buyers.  Often agents will say they have other offers, or someone has come through with a much higher offer.  People are pulling out of deals because they don’t trust the process and not because, for example, the deal was too expensive.

‘Offr’s technology enables estate agents to track the progress of a sale or lease on their mobile device or laptop, in real-time. There are instant alerts when an offer is received; if there is an upcoming viewing; or if legal documents have been updated.”

Offr has two offices in London and Dublin. All the technology has been designed and developed in-house, with no outsourcing. Offr provides a range of digital alternatives to all possible transaction types: Private Treaty, Auction, Tender, New Homes, Commercial Sales, Residential Lettings, Commercial Leases. 

Offr has commercial partnerships with DocuSign; Oooba, the largest mortgage provider in South Africa; Onate, an alternative mortgage provider in Ireland; and Thirdfort, a fast-scaling provider of Identity as a Service, and Anti-Money Laundering checks in the UK

Customers include well known international estate agency brands such as Knight Frank, Cushman & Wakefield, Savills, as well as Irish firms including Lisney, Sherry FitzGerald, CBRE, and Quillsen, alongside a myriad of independent firms.

For further information please visit visit or email

Find out how Offr can help your agency here.

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