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Sprift launches ‘interactive property reports’

We’re excited to announce another new innovation, in fact an industry first!

Our partners Sprift have developed what they refer to as a ‘21st century property brochure experience’ by launching interactive reports. In essence what they do is create a microsite for every property, a service that is available to everyone involved in the property transaction.

All data for an individual property including title plans, planning history, flood risk, council tax, local schools, leasehold information and EPC is aggregated and held on the ‘report’.  Photos, floorplans, satellite images and street views can be zoomed in and out of for granular, transparent and current information.

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The aim is to help agents win more instructions by having the ability to offer property microsites as part of their marketing proposition, but by presenting detailed information about a property in an easily accessible format it also helps with positioning the agent as an expert and helps generate warmer viewing or offer related enquiries too.  In the current climate, it is the perfect accompaniment to a virtual viewing.

Sprift are also looking to tackle the issue of speed of transaction and so they are also making this service available to a vendor’s onward property purchaser too – helping to support the chain. 

It takes little more than a minute to create an interactive property report for a property. Pictures and floorplans are pulled through from Rightmove or Zoopla and virtual tour links can be added too. Page activity on the microsites can be tracked giving agents the ability to monitor interest and report back to the vendor.

Andrew Overman, partner at Location Location (East) estate agents, who has used the original Key Facts for Buyers report from Sprift across all areas of his business, said: “With the launch of the interactive property report functionality, I am really excited by the prospect of having everything ‘under one roof’ for every single property. This is a major step forward for our team, and the industry.” 

Matt Gilpin, CEO at Sprift, added: “Our property reports are the most comprehensive on any UK property. Following feedback from agents and with our continued pursuit to be the go-to source and authority on property data, we are very excited to be launching the reports in a live and interactive format for buyers. They create a complete and true picture about the property the buyer is researching, completely upgrading the traditional property brochure in order to help support that decision.

“Our industry must do all it can to reduce enormous transaction times and to support a new house buying culture. More than 3,000 estate agents now rely on Sprift data in order to help assist a faster and more efficient property transaction process.”

If you’re interested in Sprift’s interactive property reports, or in finding out more about getting access to their property data and fully white-labelled vendor and buyer reports get in touch.

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Emmeline Gale

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