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The One Thing Your Agency Should Be Terrified Of

Hello People of Estate Agency Land,

In this three-minute read, I’m going to share with you the number one thing that will kill off your agency’s content marketing efforts (if you let it).

The good news is there’s some simple stuff you can do about this fearsome thing.

I’ll get straight to the point – the moment people start seeing your agency as boring, they’ll start ignoring you.

Being ignored leads to becoming irrelevant – and that’s what terrifies me and maybe scares you.

But even worse than being overlooked is when your community starts paying more attention to your rivals (as long as they’re not boring, too).

So, what does boring agency content look like?

- Your agency only talks about your awards, your market share, and your social media just shares listings.

- You have no content strategy, making it up as you go won’t cut it nowadays.

- Your marketing materials wouldn’t stand out if they were lined up in an ID parade.

- You sound like a stereotypical estate agency – bin the buzz words like double aspect, passionate, innovative etc.

- You follow the approach of trying to appeal to everyone. Because there lies the path to Blandsville.

But fear not, my estate agency buddies, as I bring you good news.

Here’s how you can make your agency more attractive in the eyes and ears of your audience.

1) Start mixing it up and get talking and writing about things that aren’t property-related but are of interest to people, e.g. how to do a digital detox, ways to live more sustainably, tips on how to get involved with local volunteering.

2) A content strategy can be as simple as having a weekly blog, a Facebook page updated every couple of days, and an email database you ‘touch’ in a non-sales way at least every ten days.

3) Bland is banned – if your agency doesn’t know its tone of voice, you’ll end up sounding like every other agency. Brands and businesses that are true to their voice stand out because they sound like humans, not faceless entities.

4) A former journalist colleague of mine now works for a large bank in their communication and content department. The BIG boss of the bank told his team in no uncertain terms that they must stop sounding like a bank and more like a trusted friend. What does your agency sound like?

5) My style of writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For some, it’s too informal. Not salesy enough. But that’s cool. Because I know I’m not right for them and vice versa. These agents aren’t my market. Know YOUR agency’s market, why not create an ideal client in your mind and start thinking about looking after their PIGS – Problems, Interests, Goals, Stresses.

Be different

When was the last time you saw an agency take a chance and do something out of the ordinary with their marketing? When did you see something and think ‘now, that’s different?’

This lack of action or chutzpah means there’s an opportunity for more creative thinking agencies to get noticed and stay clear of being branded boring by having a boring brand.

Finally, I think agencies would do well to remember what Seth Godin said about businesses standing up and out.

“Don’t fear being different. Fear being boring.”

Our time on earth is short, so why not make it more interesting?

Go well and go make a difference.


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Annabel McGuire

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