Veco™ has pledged six laptops to Stephen Brown’s Computer’s for Schools campaign, which has successfully raised over £88,500 through donations from agents and suppliers, since launching in January 2021.

The fundraising campaign has already delivered 805 laptops and tablets, plus 12 dongles to schools nationwide. Agents supporting the campaign can choose local schools and organisations in their own community to benefit from the devices, that are being funded by their donations.

Richard Murray, CEO of Veco™ comments: “We have seen the campaign gathering pace, and Stephen’s appearances at recent industry events inspired us to get involved. I spoke to him about his late wife, and the focus it gives him to keep going with the campaign and I offered to get involved immediately.

“We have committed to six laptops initially and we want to ask our Veco™ users if they can help us to place them where they are most needed. Every child should have access to the necessary technology to assist with their learning. Digital poverty is a very real problem, our children will all need these skills at some point in their future. We want to support the campaign and promote it as much as we can.”

Stephen Brown comments: “We are delighted that Veco™ is supporting our campaign to help raise over £200,000 in computer donations to help provide learning opportunities to many more disadvantaged children nationwide.

“Sadly, my wife Sam recently passed away after a long terminal illness. Sam was an Inspirational lady with incredible strength and determination. Just before Sam passed, I set up a GoFundMe page for laptops for home schooling, after listening to a debate in Parliament about how many of our future generation in the UK were struggling to learn. Sam was also a nursery school assistant and a reading assistant at a school.

“We hope to bring on more supporters in Q1 2022, so that we can exceed our fundraising target.”

For further information please visit the Veco by Eurolink landing page on Kerfuffle or email

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Annabel McGuire

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