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Veco partners with Voidlink

Veco™ has partnered with VOIDLINK and its energy provider Scottish Power, to offer letting agents and landlords a new utility management feature, fully integrated into the software platform.

As a result of this partnership, Scottish Power becomes the incumbent supplier at the property and will offer tenants a range of market-leading tariffs, or the option to switch away to a supplier of their choosing. Even if a tenant decides to switch at the start of a tenancy, when the property becomes vacant, the utilities will be switched back to Scottish Power.

Furthermore, when a move in/out is confirmed, Veco™ will automatically notify the local council and relevant water authority, keeping a record.

Richard Murray, CEO of Veco™ comments: “We are delighted to be partnering with VOIDLINK so that together, we can simplify the tenancy void management process. The team combine many years of industry experience working for a selection of leading, third-party energy companies.

“We are offering landlords and agents a fresh and refined process of utility transfer and void management for rental portfolios. Scottish Power is currently the only energy provider that allows tenants to switch, so is the very best partner for our users.

“The integration of VOIDLINK into Veco™ allows the control and management of the data flow of utilities in a more efficient and effective manner, creating a more fluid, hassle-free experience for landlords, tenants and letting agents.”

Chris Davis, Director VOIDLINK commented: “Our integration with Veco™ makes the void period seamless, saving letting agents and landlord’s time and money. Tenants are free to switch away as they please, without any selling from VOIDLINK.

“Agents know that as soon as they are responsible for the vacant property, the supply is back with their preferred supplier, as the property just switches back to our partner, Scottish Power. Furthermore, landlords benefit from 45 days of free-standing charges.

“Scottish Power is in a strong position, unlike some smaller energy providers, who have recently gone bust due to the soaring cost of wholesale gas. This has also impacted a number of the larger players in the void space, who have pulled their switching services to the industry, leaving agents in a difficult position. We have chosen a thoroughbred energy provider who price fairly and we look forward to working with more and more landlords and agents over the coming months.”

VOIDLINK’s partnership with Scottish Power offers a variety of benefits including 100% green energy during the void; 45 days of free standing charges the landlord; and a £1 per property donation to Cancer Research UK.

For further information please visit the Veco landing page on Kerfuffle

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Annabel McGuire

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