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Well, the countdown to Christmas is gathering pace.

Well, the countdown to Christmas is gathering pace.

As we enter December, it's common for many agents to start winding down.

It's been a crazy twenty or so months for many agents, so a Christmas chill-out period is well deserved.

But for me, I know many agents miss a big trick this time of year.

Rather than slowly grinding to a halt over the next four weeks, why not use the next two weeks to make a massive difference to your chances in 2022?

With the market slowing down, now is the time to have a clear plan about the goals you want to achieve next year.

There are two main things I encourage all our franchisees to do in December.

The first is to keep marketing right up until the last week before Christmas Day. This gives them the best possible chance to hit the ground running in 2022 by booking in valuations and winning instructions that come to market after the festive period.

By keeping your marketing efforts up for the next few weeks, you can make a massive difference to your start to the new year.

The second point I stress and, for the life of me can't understand why every business isn't doing, is creating a plan of action. It takes less than half a day to sit down, work out your goals, write them down and build the plan that will make big things happen.

Here's my three-point advice around planning.

1)    Put your ideas and ambitions down on paper. Write down what you've achieved this year.

2)    List how many opportunities you've had this year to win the business you won. How many leads did you convert? What was your marketing spend and other key metrics to generate that volume of leads?

3)    Work out what you would like to earn in 2022 and work backwards from your end revenue goal, through your conversion metrics to your new 2022 opportunity target.

It’s quite easy to do, so there's really no excuse. In the next three or so weeks, we will all have at least half a day we can put aside for working on our business rather than within it.

Ultimately, it's up to you. It's your choice. But I speak from experience when I say getting the planning done now and knowing where you're headed, with a clear and focussed mind, will help you enjoy your festive time off considerably more so than carrying uncertainty into your Christmas break.

Look out for some big news I'll be announcing about EweMove early next week.

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Annabel McGuire

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