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Why Agents don't use Acaboom

1. You think it's too modern for your agency

All kinds of agencies benefit from Acaboom - some of our clients have been in business for over 100 years! Our market appraisal toolkit is not about throwing out the rule book of how you work or letting tech take over that personal touch.

Our toolkit ensures you give a premium service before, during and after the appointment that helps the client feel comfortable, well informed and engaged. You can pick and choose the elements that work for your agency.

2. You aren't sure your valuers will use it

For most agencies, winning the business is all on the valuer's shoulders, based on their sales skills and personalities. The tools they have to send before the appointment, to use at the appointment and to send afterwards are pretty much the same from agency to agency.

With Acaboom, the pressure is taken off that one appointment. Appraisals become mini campaigns - introducing the valuer before they meet, guiding the client using digital comparables, local market data and video examples of your work - giving the valuers every tool to win.

Once valuers see the benefit they don't want to be without it!

3. You don't quite know what Acaboom does!

Maybe you have an idea of what we offer or have seen our 5* reviews but aren't too sure what we do exactly! Why not explore the full toolkit and see what you could benefit from?

Book your demo today.

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Annabel McGuire

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