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Key influencer article - Moneypenny's CEO talks culture

Here is a thought leadership piece from Moneypenny's CEO, Joanna Swash who shares her thoughts on the importance of company culture.

At Moneypenny we are passionate about our people. Without them we wouldn’t have been the success we have been so at the centre of our culture is our people; our team members and our clients. Moneypenny was created to provide an amazing customer experience for clients, but it’s founding principle was to be a place people really wanted to work.

And that remains at the core of everything we do, it is our purpose. That doesn’t change when we are faced with new situations, crises and lockdowns. It is the reason, I believe, that we were able to act swiftly, moving our 1,000-strong workforce to remote-working whilst maintaining a near seamless service to our 21,000 clients and the reason that we continue to thrive innovating new products and delivering brilliant customer service.

In turn, this culture is powered by our people. Brilliant people are at the heart of everything we do at Moneypenny and we believe that brilliant people do brilliant things when given the safe and happy environment in which to flourish. When people feel trusted they are empowered to make mistakes and are allowed to challenge within boundaries so they can come up with powerful and effective new ideas, whatever the question asked of them.

It’s the age-old adage of looking after your people. Which leads me to wellbeing, health and transparent communication. Moving to remote-working only meant a shift in how we delivered this, making these tools virtual but ensuring everyone remained connected and all the small acts of kindness still continued from virtual quizzes, sharing cooking recipes and much more to brownies and a handwritten note from me being sent out to all our employees.

Workplace from Facebook was integral to this, allowing us to maintain our open and honest communication policy and culture, strengthen teams and recreate those all-important water-cooler moments. It has integrated perfectly into our culture of combining innovative technology with fabulous people. We may be virtual at the moment but we are still connected and thriving and thinking outside the box to find fun ways to keep connected virtually.

Whatever the future may hold and indeed, throw your way, stay true to your purpose and trust your people. They will step up to the mark. Don’t be surprised and be there to support them, that is what a compassionate and empowering culture is all about.

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Emmeline Gale

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