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The smarter way to win listings in 2021- Dataloft share their insights

The team at Dataloft has been working on some brilliant insight pieces that we're delighted to share with our readers. 

A recent webinar explored how a group of agentsUse property market data to win more listingsand how this will be a vital part of their growth strategy in 2021.

In the three sessions, four market-leading agents and two industry experts, Iain White and Chris Watkin share examples of how consistently sharing and using relevant and insightful local market insight has helped them create, nurture and convert instructions. As a result, they have become the ‘Google of their marketplace’.

One of the key insights from the panel was that agents who plan ahead, who almost ‘over-communicate’ constantly with their local market, even in prosperous periods, are the ones who will reap the best harvest in the long term. They are already front of mind and prepared for potentially tougher times ahead.

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But where do you start and what do you say?

Dataloft advise turning your approach around and putting yourself in the position of your customers. What can make you useful and relevant and create a better chance of attracting their attention in the first place? Once you've got their attention, how will you keep it? And, when you’ve almost got them over the line, how do you convert their interest into a listing? According to Dataloft, the key ingredient throughout is property market data.

All of the panelists in the above Dataloft video agreed that having access to market data and insights for their area, benefited them right across their businesses:

  • Become the Google of your marketplace by using hyper-local market insights and content throughout your marketing. Everyone is interested in their local property market so use this as the perfect excuse to get in touch.

  • Property market data is incredibly versatile and can be used across all marketing channels. Prepared and designed data removes the worry of having something interesting to say and provides engaging content for videos and social media.

  • Hold the interest of potential home movers by constantly having an excuse to stay in touch by sharing local market insights with them. And don’t just interact with people already looking to move home, prime those who could be your clients of 2022 and beyond.

  • Have a better chance of converting a listing by being able to talk about the market in an informed and professional manner, using quality data to back up your pricing.

In conclusion

The best method of selling is when the consumer has no knowledge they are being sold to. If this is done consistently by evidencing your expertise, you will be the agent of choice well before a home mover is ready to transact.

Access the full Dataloft Series

Here are all 3 videos from the Dataloft Series. Grab a drink and settle in - they're well worth a watch. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Making the most of the property market now

Part 2 - Using property market data to stand out

Part 3 - Market insights help top agents win more instructions


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