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Acaboom and Dataloft Launch Exciting New Integration

Acaboom and Dataloft Launch Exciting New Integration

Leading property technology companies, Acaboom and Dataloft by PriceHubble, are thrilled to announce their new integration. 

The integration focuses on improving still further the content within Acaboom’s Market Update Reports, sent to homeowners as part of their nurture journey, by including Dataloft’s hyper-local, expertly designed market insights for the sales and lettings markets.

Market Update Report stay-subscribed rates from homeowners are already at an impressive 94%. This success is attributed to the content's informative and personalised nature, steering clear of being overly "salesy" or self-promotional. The addition of Dataloft's locally-focused data and market analysis will further enhance an agent's profile, seamlessly aligning with Acaboom's mission and promising improved outcomes for mutual clients.

Nurture marketing is important for successful estate agents. Sharing local market insights in nurture emails will impress an agent’s prospects and keep them front of mind. 

Brian Farrell, Managing Director of Acaboom commented,

“We are very proud of the tangible value Acaboom allows agents to deliver to their database – and our new partnership with Dataloft is a huge complement to the Acaboom Market Update Reports. Now, even more personalised and eye-catching data can be delivered by the Acaboom system. It’s a huge win for mutual clients.”

Rory Black, Director at Dataloft adds: “An integration with Acaboom was long overdue and we love the way agents can get more from their Dataloft by PriceHubble subscription with their Acaboom Market Update Reports. We are committed to providing the best local content and making it as easy as possible for agents to make the most of it. This integration will give our subscribers yet another competitive edge”. 

About Dataloft

Dataloft provides robust property market analysis to inform investment decisions and power marketing campaigns. Trusted across the property industry by estate agents, developers, investors and policymakers. Dataloft is part of PriceHubble, a global property data solutions company. 

Dataloft’s subscription platform, Dataloft by PriceHubble provides users with instant insight about the housing market. The platform has a range of branded outputs that enable users to inform, educate and nurture their markets. The platform doesn’t just analyse sales and lettings data but interprets and presents it in a way that wins new business. All content is designed to be shared in a number of ways, from investor pitches to social, email, website and print. 

About Acaboom:

Since its establishment in 2016, Acaboom has been revolutionizing the property industry with its mission to empower agents and help them secure more instructions at the right fee. Offering a comprehensive market appraisal toolkit, Acaboom goes beyond innovative technology to deliver exceptional value to its clients.


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Find out how Acaboom can help your agency here.


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