Industry leaders discuss how disruption can lead to positive opportunities for agents | Kerfuffle

Industry leaders discuss how disruption can lead to positive opportunities for agents

As Estate Agents continue to navigate changing market conditions, iamproperty has launched the second edition of its popular PropTech publication Tech of a Life - full of expert advice and insights on finding the  opportunity in the face of disruption.

This issue brings together industry leaders including Simon Whale, MD & Founder at Kerfuffle; Adam Day, International Expansion Leader at eXp; Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell, Director of property training platform The Able Agent; Edward Short, Head of Professional & Financial Services at Attensi and Dan Milne, Customer Success Manager at iamproperty to share knowledge and insights and discuss all things disruption.

The property industry has seen its fair share of disruption over the past two years, from Covid-19 and Brexit, to industry shake up in the form of new regulation. 

Add into the mix shifting market conditions and a low stock market, Estate Agents have had to be especially agile to adapt to the evolving market and it’s showing no sign of stopping.

Adam Day, from eXp, said: “Estate Agency has evolved so much over the last 20 years and will keep evolving at pace, because there are always new things to consider and big shifts in consumer demand too. But with better systems, technology and accessibility it’s clear that we’re continuing to move further into an era of ‘personal experience’ and a very competitive market.”

Innovation is key to tackling disruption head on, which is why, when Ben and Jamie founded iamproperty, they created a company culture where innovation is encouraged and rewarded. Jamie commented: “One of the biggest contributors to how we’ve innovated over the years has come from having each other to bounce ideas off and balance each other out. Finding the right people to innovate with is a big part of being able to keep innovating at pace and comes from selecting people to work with who have the same goals as the business. That doesn’t mean they have the same idea of how to get there, but they ultimately want the same thing for the industry and are unafraid to challenge ideas.”

Ben continued: “Great ideas can come from anyone who works with us or in our supply chain and Partner Agent Network and it’s exciting to see how that is developing every day.”

Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell, from The Able Agent talks about the need for property professionals to focus on learning and development, saying: “In an industry that has been turned upside down by market, economic and regulatory factors over recent years, the need for flexible learning and development has never been greater.

“The disruption of the pandemic has brought with it some accelerated positives, such as unlocking the potential for online learning and a new-found appreciation for career development and learning across all sectors.”

In an article all about the future of learning, Dan caught up with Edward Short, Head of Professional & Financial Services at Attensi to discuss the need for a new approach to learning and development within the industry and what the property sector can learn from the psychology behind gamified solutions. Edward explains: “The property sector needs to be continually prepared for what’s next, so training for that is essential, even if it doesn’t feel valuable right now. A big part of driving engagement with Estate Agents is to make learning convenient and immersive, as well as fun.”

Simon Whale from Kerfuffle, said: “I can’t remember a time when the industry has faced so much disruption. But with disruption comes opportunity, and while there’ll always be industry changes to areas like policy or consumer behaviour that agents need to evolve with, there are ways in which they can grab the right opportunities to thrive too.”

To hear more insights about positive disruption in the property industry, read the latest issue of Tech of a Life here.

To find out how iamproperty can help your agency click here

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