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ViewMyChain v2 – We Are Back

ViewMyChain isn’t a new name to the UK property industry. You’d be right in recognising us from our “version 1” launch four or so years ago.

Since we are back with “version 2” it would be perfectly reasonable to expect us to be able to update you on what happened, what we’ve been up to and why “new ViewMyChain” is different from the old.

We launched as the data driven sales chain management system. We provided properties with pre-populated milestones against each property, and we asked the users to build the chains to link the properties together.

This worked brilliantly for the customers who did make the chains. They found that their customers got their keys more quickly and that fewer properties fell through. However, much to our dismay we found that many clients didn’t want to double key the chains and for them the results were less stellar. Much as we pushed our solution, we couldn’t get over the “enter your own chains” hump – no “product market fit” as they say.

We took a good hard look at what had worked and what hadn’t and it was clear to us that we had to pre-build chains.

Firstly we spent two years doing the data deals that allowed us to have chains pre-built “out of the box” so that there was no need to re-key. ViewMyChain now has chains already built – not every chain yet – but the experience is now a level above that which we were able to offer three years ago.

Secondly we worked on having pre-configured CRM integrations with the largest providers. Two of those are already live and we are working on two more – this will save data entry and perhaps more importantly allow synchronisation of VMC and CRM data where requested.

Whilst in stealth mode we also worked with some major estate agent partners to further refine the proposition and we are already rolling out to our first one thousand branches.

We’ll be talking about our data partners more in the coming weeks and you’ll be able to hear from the agencies who are already clients. More of that later but right now the message we’d like to leave you with is that ViewMyChain is back, the new VMC has pre-built chains and CRM integration and we’ll be talking more about how we can help reduce your fall through rate and get your customer’s keys in their hands quicker.

To find out how View My Chain can help your agency click here

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Emma Longden

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