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Inventory Hive & Reapit Announce Real-time Integration

Inventory Hive, a cloud-based property reporting software, has announced a new integration with Reapit, the CRM that manages over 180,000 tenancies globally. 

The integration with Reapit allows a two-way feed between Inventory Hive and Reapit accounts to streamline letting agents' processes. Agents can:
- Effortlessly import your properties from Reapit into Inventory Hive (including property images)
- Ability to import your tenancies from Reapit into Inventory Hive, avoiding the need for manual double-entry.
- Automatically export your completed reports from Inventory Hive back into Reapit when they are completed in real-time.
- Updates or changes on your Reapit account will update to your Inventory Hive account in real-time.

Richard Abbots, CEO of Inventory Hive commented: "We are announcing our integration with Reapit, so essentially anyone on the Inventory Hive platform can install their add-on which will allow them to add a property or a tenancy and it will appear immediately.

"As with a lot of the integration work that we have carried out in the past couple of years, where we have integrated with the likes of Fixflo, The Depositary, really groundbreaking platforms so you can join up the dots."

If you want to be part of the Inventory Hive push to make the tenancy/letting supply chain become a faster, more efficient service, through strategic partnering, and forward-thinking initiatives please contact Inventory Hive today. Learn more about Inventory Hive on their Kerfuffle landing page here. 


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Janaki Kumar

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