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Inventory Hive wins 2 awards at EA Masters including Overall Best EA Supplier Award!

We are thrilled to announce that, at the EA Masters Awards Conference held at Evolution London at Battersea Park, Inventory Hive were named as the Best Medium Supplier and Overall Winner of the Best Estate Agency Supplier awards.

The Best EA Supplier Guide, in partnership with Kerfuffle, gives property businesses the opportunity to rate their suppliers, combined with the suppliers’ reviews on Kerfuffle, to provide an overall rating. At a live event yesterday in London, Richard Abbots, our Founder and CEO, was thrilled to be presented with the awards including Overall Winner of the Best EA Supplier award from Great British Olympic gold medalists, Dame Sarah Storey and Tom Dean.

After being presented with the overall award, Richard said, “We’re so thrilled to win this award. It’s been a monumental team effort since we started this journey five years ago. The roadmap is so exciting and it’s a joy working with such a talented group of people – our team and our customers. The competition in the room at EA Masters was immense, which makes this even more humbling. Special thanks to Simon, Sarah and Fam at Kerfuffle for their warmth and banter. It made for an epic day that we won’t forget.”

Peter Knight, Founder of the Property Academy, said “The EA Masters event had an amazing turnout and the event went fantastically well. It was great to see Inventory Hive scoop two EA Masters awards, including Best Overall Supplier! Congratulations to Richard and Inventory Hive team!…an achievement to be proud of. We can’t wait for the next event already.”

Here at Inventory Hive, we never rest on our laurels and we have some big plans on our development roadmap for the new year to make our service even better. We would like to thank you, our customers, for your continued support, feedback and suggestions all of which are imperative to how we operate and develop.

About Inventory Hive:

Inventory Hive has set-out their stall as a market leading property reporting platform with inbuilt paperless workflows. It’s designed to create the fairest and most efficient way of agreeing safety compliance, condition, and cleanliness. From check-in inventories to check-outs and COVID-19 safe virtual visits in-between, these workflows are covered without the need for third-party electronic signature software.

In recent years, the platform has shown its thirst for innovation with the release of 360° camera integration with Ricoh Theta and Insta360 devices. This means photos can be captured and tagged into relevant rooms/spaces within a property direct from their App. Other achievements in recent years include the introduction image recognition AI for meter reading populating and integrated pre-arrival document serving. No on Inventory Hive, you can now create 360° virtual tours. 

Visit their landing page for more information

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Annabel McGuire

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