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InventoryBase announces new partnership with OpenBrix

Property inspection software provider, InventoryBase, has welcomed another new partner to their InventoryBase Workstreams network. From November, OpenBrix users are able to book inventory reports and property inspections directly on the OpenBrix platform via InventoryBase Workstreams. 

This year has seen many, if not all, industries having to adapt and diversify their working practices, the property industry being just one of them. In their support function to the industry, proptech firms have redefined and improved their software provisions, which have provided a platform to innovate and develop up and coming products with a keen focus on helping and supporting the housing market in the changing world we now find ourselves in. 

The first post-lockdown period has seen an unexpected boom in the housing market, triggered in some respects by the suspension of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on the first £500,00 of all property sales in England and Northern Ireland. The boost to the buyer's pocket has seen a race to get all property sales finalised before the current end date of 31st March 2021 although there are increasing indications that this may be extended further.  

OpenBrix is the first portal to be built on a community blockchain and offers estate agents and the public access to the UK’s very first Multi-Listing Service (MLS) portal. It launched in September with a core focus of giving more power back to local estate agents and decentralising the portal industry. OpenBrix has promised it won’t raise prices or sell data that has not been agreed upon by the majority of the community members (agents). 

The partnership between OpenBrix & InventoryBase Workstreams brings huge benefits to both sets of customers. Users can request a property inspection or report from within the OpenBix portal, offering a secure and trusted service to all users. Agents can also provide access to their customers to book direct, and still benefit from a small percentage of the booking. 

In-line with the ethos of OpenBrix to establish trust and fairness, InventoryBase Workstreams provides all option types of reports by cost to the user, allowing them to choose the best supplier and price for them. When a report is requested, local, vetted and approved suppliers are able to bid for the job - enabling the user to be in full control of the process and who they wish to work with. Watch Kerfuffle's webinar with them here to gain more insight.

Adam Piggot CEO for OpenBrix said; 

“I am delighted to be able to partner with InventoryBase. Steve Rad and his team have developed something special and the integration between OpenBrix and the InventoryBase platform provides our agents with a super smart link with a load of pre-populated information. The end result is that agents can select InventoryBase for their letting service with ease and without the administrative headache of setting up the inventory compilations, check-ins, check-outs and reporting directly. Yet the agents maintain the control, purchase the product and charge it on to their Landlord clients as usual. A fantastic product and we are thrilled to have them join us.”

Steve Rad, managing director for InventoryBase said;

 “We’re delighted to partner with yet another fantastic platform within the proptech arena.  OpenBrix is set to make a big impact throughout the lettings sector within the next year, and we’re glad to be able to strengthen their offering. `They can now offer even more benefits to their users with bookable inventory providers and inspections readily available directly through the platform, whilst our suppliers will also benefit from the increased opportunity for work.” 

Learn more about OpenBrix and their offering here

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