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New Ad Service Leads To Leads For Agents

New Ad Service Leads To Leads For Agents

Experts in running a letting agency and running a successful advertising campaign have teamed up to launch a specialist service.

Agent Marketer is the result of a collaboration between Agent Rainmaker founder Sally Lawson and ad specialist Steve Warne. Sally supports letting agents to grow their business and increase their revenue while Steve develops successful advertising strategies to help businesses bring in new leads.

After working together for a number of years, the pair have partnered on the new venture. Currently exclusively available to letting agents signed up to Agent Rainmaker’s ARX programme, Agent Marketer develops custom marketing which generate upwards of 250 leads per month with some great conversion results too.

Steve explains: “Agent Rainmaker specialise in supporting letting agents to build Lead Generation funnels which converts online prospects into pre-qualified leads. But a funnel needs a good volume of leads being generated in order to be highly successful – so that’s where Agent Marketer comes in.”

Agents are simply asked to provide pictures of their local area and examples of their properties, alongside information about the services they want to provide via the ads. 

Then the Agent Marketer team put together custom campaigns – always keeping the cost of each lead to £4 or below – which are targeted towards specific audiences depending on the aims and target clients of the agent.

Ads are created for Facebook, Instagram, Google (and extra platforms such as YouTube for those opting for the growth or premium package) and then monitored daily to ensure continued success. Once a lead is generated, this is then automatically loaded into the agent’s database.

Steve added: “We know of some agents working with marketing firms who are still only getting between five and ten leads a month. We’re proud to see how much Agent Marketer has grown given it’s still so new, and we monitor all ads closely so we can confidently promise costs-per-lead which are half the industry average, with the majority of the agents receiving 250+ leads per month.”

Visit for more information – or to find out more about Agent Rainmaker, go to


Find out how Agent Rainmaker can help your agency here.

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