The Home Of Letting Agents and Business Owners Who Want to Grow

We are industry-leading marketing and growth experts who specialise in lettings agency training.

Through lettings courses and business coaching, we have added £30 million in additional revenue to agencies just like yours, and have transformed 1000’s of agencies to the ‘new world’.

If you’re looking to achieve massive growth and make the necessary changes to survive, thrive, and become more profitable in 2022…

Agent Rainmaker was formed in 2016 with the purpose of tackling head-on challenges in the industry, Agent Rainmaker is responsible for helping agents add hundreds of thousands in revenue to their businesses, and generating masses of leads every month, all achieved through coaching and events.

If you’re looking to kickstart your Agent Rainmaker journey, you can unlock access to our brand new online training platform where you will learn the secret strategies that thousands of agents across the country are using right now to;

Increase their profit

Reduce their workload

Systemise their businesses

Problems we solve for agents

At Agent Rainmaker, changing this, is our mission, our purpose and our reason for creating the AR movement; to bring agents together, our people, to talk, share, discuss and discover all the options before us, on how we can evolve to become current, efficient and profitable in the current climate.

To see what is working NOW, what worked for WHO so that we can all learn and share in the success and REPLICATE it in our businesses. What happened in doing this we realised, that we can together actually go a whole lot further and then beyond just profitable to a whole new level, growing, building, acquiring and transforming our services to be better for the customer, better for us and putting us all in a much better position for the future and for future generations too.

The new age of agency is exciting, with so many opportunities, here at Agent Rainmaker, this is where we have bought the industry together, so that you can see, hear and share YOUR stories, and see how the small changes have meant huge results for other agents and their families and their lives, but also, to their businesses and colleagues.



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