It’s time to supercharge your property agency.

Having been established for over 30 years, powering the relationship between people and property.

We are the leading, innovative property software provider for core business functions related to Residential Sales, Lettings, Property Management and Client Accounting. We design, develop and deliver exceptional software and technology to the residential property industry, by having an expert understanding of our sector and the relationships between people and property, whilst focusing on user needs.

After 2 years of development, our team have leveraged 30 years of innovation to design a product that will scale some of the biggest and best agents, developing Veco Plus to ensure agents stay ahead of the curve.

The must have software for your property agency. Veco Plus is the full turn-key solution to becoming fully compliant, saving time and increasing revenue.

Veco Plus represents our fifth product cycle and we are excited to share our vision for the future of Property CRM software.

Interlinking departments to create greater efficiency of data management and company communication

Use Automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and offer an enhanced customer experience

Integrations with industry suppliers offer greater service opportunity and boost revenue streams

Product Updates & Improvements are delivered regularly with a range of new features and legal updates to complement your business growth

Consultancy – based solutions to create innovative business strategies tailored to your business

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Product Range

CRM: All-in-one contact management enables you to follow up on leads and opportunities, build long term relationships with clients and Improve customer service. Manage all your agencies income streams to gain maximum impact and targeted outcomes.

WORKFLOW: A powerful and flexible tool that allows you to define your own preferred business processes and deliver a consistent customer experience. Minimising the risk of errors and omissions, this tool supports compliance with necessary laws and regulations.

SELF-SERVICE: Delivered to external users predominately through a web app but available via desktop or tablet. Offering a seamless data experience through a single platform. Veco Plus software has been designed with a wider user profile in mind, so the same platform will be accessed by different users with unique access to their relevant information and data 24/7.

LETTINGS: Enabling negotiators full product access, from any online device anywhere at any time. Designed to support the fast paced, on the go modern negotiator role, whilst remaining compliant. Notification and activity centres will constantly keep negotiators up to date with applications and offers. Quick communication and light touch navigation has been designed specifically with the negotiator role in mind.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Repairs and Work Orders can be managed end to end. With Fixflo integration, repairs can be reported quickly and efficiently by tenants and imported as repairs into Veco Plus, with clear definition of where the report was generated. Supplier instructions and financial management all in one place. Property Managers have successfully used Veco products to manage portfolios scaling from low hundreds to tens of thousands over three decades.

CLIENT ACCOUNTING: For over three decades, we have successfully delivered client accounting to the UK lettings sector. Veco Plus represents the latest iteration of our double entry bookkeeping system, with all the business logic we have built over 30 years baked in, and with a modern user interface designed to support both qualified accounts personnel and agency staff without formal accounts training.

AUTOMATE PLUS: This market leading product offers bespoke automation of your repetitive business processes, internal and external communication, compliance and legal requirements, as well as general reporting. This ensures that tasks are performed consistently, according to your predefined business rules and guidelines.
With no requirement for manual intervention, Automate minimises human error, enables faster response times, better communication, and timely follow-ups, leading to an improved customer experience and increased client satisfaction.

SALES: Launching in Q3 2024 – Sign up to hear about our product updates.


Problems we solve for agents

Veco Plus is a fully responsive site, which allows all users full product access, from any online device, anywhere, at any time.

Never miss an opportunity with our inbuilt CRM. Agents can manage all revenue streams to gain maximum impact and targeted outcomes by tracking and managing customer interaction effectively. Providing better customer service ensuring that no potential customer or opportunity falls through the cracks. This results in higher conversion rates and a stronger revenue pipeline.

By utilising Workflows in Veco Plus, you can build and implement your own unique business processes and protocols to deliver the best possible service. With options for mandatory tasks, dependencies and internal or external actions, our workflow supports ever changing compliance and delivers a consistent customer service.

Self-service provides accessibility 24/7, allowing clients and contacts with the flexibility to interact with your business at their convenience. Providing real-time updates on transaction statuses, and appointment availability results in transparency and improved customer service.


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