We are a tech company providing an e-signing platform popular among the UK real estate agencies. We offer user friendly product that can be easily adopted by internal teams and  your clients. 

Our electronic signatures technology allows you to speed up the sales process and reduce time spent on admin tasks. E-signing platform includes features like templates, check boxes, editable text fields or signing order; allowing you to adjust documents to your needs.

Electronic signatures are legally binding across different countries, therefore contracts can be also signed by overseas landlords. Embedded in the platform, biometric verification is the powerful option to carry out right to rent checks of the tenants. There are 7 identity attributes that can be obtained to verify a signee. Data is later sent on the email address and stored on your Yoti Sign account. 

Our eSigning platform is a tool for both small and large real estate agencies that are looking to digitize sales and customer service processes. Many businesses are making the switch to Yoti, saving them money and making the process of sending, signing and managing documents so much easier. 

Problems we solve for agents

The product digitises a contract signing process and helps to reduce cost and time associated with the admin tasks. As contracts are signed and returned faster, sales can be closed faster. Optional signee verification mitigates risk of email hacking and phishing and provides advanced security.


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