Lets Bid Property - We provide 4 valuable tools combined in 1 platform, enabling Estate Agents across the UK to generate instructions and grow market share:

▶️ Probate Leads
▶️ Property Reports
▶️ On-Market Prospecting
▶️ In-House Auction Department

Probate Tool - Residential properties needing to come to market in your postcodes. All the contact information you need to be the first in the door.

Property Reports - Buyers and Sellers reports packed full of data to make the strongest first impression possible to your existing and potential clients. You control the branding, colours and content throughout

Prospecting Tool - Save time and win business with our prospecting tool. You can reach your whole market in just a few clicks, while also able to target specific properties not even on the market

Auction Services - Retain control by setting time frames, fees and contract lengths to maximise the effectiveness of your Auction solutions

Problems we solve for agents

We remember from our days in agency the hassle of trying to remember log-ins for multiple different accounts, not to mention the cost of maintaining multiple subscriptions. We've put all the necessary tools to get ahead in modern-day estate agency on one platform. Keeping your costs down and instructions up!

We'll save you time by allowing you to prospect on and off-market property instantly, contact the right people to win probate instructions and generate reports for your vendors and applicants, tailored to your brand. 

Keep control of your auction sales: keeping your leads to yourselves, decide on pricing, fees and contract length


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Oscar Bedford ATTIK

Fantastic platform!

Kristina Olulode Harper Jayne Homes

5 star service

Sam Goldgaytes

Sam's review

Clare Griffiths Kingtons Estate Agents

Outstanding Service

Kevin Jackson SBK

Great software

Ryan Stanton Fisks Estate Agents

Great Service

Syrus We Can Properties

Great assistance from Rosie

Geoff Flewers Jukes Estate Agents

Superb company to deal with

Jamie Neighbour

Jake is very supportive

Lynda Anne Hughes Lynda hughes Property Agent

Letsbid exceptional service

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