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VTUK strengthens its management team with key hires

The Oxfordshire based UK PropTech founders and software developers of Openview, the most complete cloud-based property management platform for the modern business, today announced it has welcomed three new members to its management stable, to substantially strengthen the management team, having recently launched Openview and to support the ongoing growth they are seeing, with this platform.

Bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their relative fields, Simon King, newly appointed Marketing Director, joined in the beginning of April 2021. Michael Pope assumes his role as Data Implementation Specialist with immediate effect, whilst Faye Hamilton-Martin will officially join the team at the end of May as Development Project Manager.

Peter Grant, Chairman of the Board, said, “Simon’s experience ranges across government bodies, FMCG, Retail and technology service providers including SaaS and PaaS services. An experienced brand development and marketing professional with a significant, proven track record across a broad range of industries. His help will be crucial to us in simplifying the message of what is a completely new concept to the industry.”

Simon said, “As a strategic problem solver, my previous experience has combined imagination, creativity and innovation to drive measurable and consistent business results. The property industry is based on these pillars, and I am also looking forward, to the unique challenges this industry presents”

Faye is a digital practitioner experienced in leading teams to deliver transformative technology programmes. Her role at VTUK is to design and deliver a technology roadmap that will provide outstanding service and innovations to Openview’s increasing customer base.

“I have joined the VTUK management team at an interesting time. The property industry is going through a period of intense transition, and Openview Enterprise is meeting the challenge with creativity and innovation. It is great to be a part of it.”

Peter Grant, said, “We have a laser focus on data in the new Ecosystem and Michael is an IT Professional with over 20 years of experience across various industries and technologies, specialising in exactly this area.”

Mike said, “As the Openview Data “Magician” my focus will be to improve the quality and speed of migrating clients data onto Openview, as well as creating the very best possible data platform for automation, within Openview’s new market leading ecosystem.”
Peter Grant, highlighted that it was not a rushed decision but rather a tactical process and part of the company’s ongoing vision.

“It’s not just what we need today, but where we will be tomorrow and the future skills that we need to perform at the highest level and in line with our increasing desire to continue innovating in the property industry, as we have done over our 32 years.”

What is Openview? – your forever software.

A fully automated, innovative, multi-dimensional, cloud-based solution, for the property industry, developed over 30 years to be a beautifully crafted, data driven and intuitive platform.

Openview gives you complete control and transparency with always on communications. Providing a total quality experience to build the relationships for life, that really matter and enable you to thrive in a changing world.

Our wholly UK based team, not only give you in person support, but provide the advice and analysis you need. Our single goal is your success, by ensuring you exceed the aspirations of your business and the expectations of your clients.

Visit their landing page on Kerfuffle for more information and to see reviews. Click here

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Annabel McGuire

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