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What do Essential Members get?

Whether you’re an estate agent looking to onboard new suppliers, or a supplier looking to generate more business, kerfuffle has a lot to offer you.

Callwell Lite - Lead management solution

Get exclusive access to Callwell Lite, a lead management solution to help estate agents increase their speed of response and gives you confidence that all leads are being responded to.

Unlock Exclusive Deals

We’ll negotiate the best deals with suppliers on your behalf by operating as a buying collective.

Supplier Management

Stay in control of your supply chain and never miss a contract renewal with your very own Dashboard.

Supplier Wishlist

Personalise your customer experience at Kerfuffle by creating a wish list to give you a quick reference point for suppliers you’re interested in.

MOT Consultations

Essential Members get two free MOTs per organisation, per year. *Pro members get four free MOTs per organisation, per year.

Kerfuffle Kampus

Unlimited access to an on-demand learning environment with some of the industry's best estate agency trainers, mentors and suppliers that works for everyone!


Contribute to the Kerfuffle community by leaving some reviews for your existing suppliers.

White papers

Get access to exclusive white papers, ebooks and research that provide a wealth of insight into the industry.

Essential Consultancy Credit

Essential Members get 15-minute consultancy credits per branch, per month. Your time credit can be rolled over (rollover cap of 1.5 hours per branch). Perfect for organisations with 6 or more branches.

Get Essential Membership from just £36 per month

Essential Members get unlimited access to Kerfuffle Kampus as well as expert consultancy as part of their subscription.

*All prices exclude VAT

* Additional consultancy avaliable at a much reduced rate

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

1. What are you trying to achieve?

Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

2. How many offices do you have?

Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

3. What is your budget?

Well done, that was easy. Once I’ve compiled a list of relevant suppliers where shall I send it?

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