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Fixflo and Reapit announce integration


Supercharge your Reapit system with Fixflo and further streamline your repairs and maintenance processes. Fixflo's seamless integration with Reapit eliminates the need for you to manually enter data or upload documents to Fixflo.

Exclusive - Fixflo & Reapit talk for the first time about their mash up!


'All the benefits of Fixflo with no compromise'

Who are Fixflo?
Fixflo is the specialist repairs and maintenance management software solution for letting agencies. Having focused exclusively on streamlining this process they are now the trusted specialist partner for most of the leading CRM/property management systems in the UK. Visit the Fixflo landing page here

Who are Reapit?
Reapit is the UK's leading provider of Property CRM and Client Accounting software solutions for estate agents, with a proven track record of delivering more than 20 years of innovation to the property market through a market-leading portfolio of award-winning solutions. Visit the Reapit landing page here

Features include:
- White-label product
- 24/7 online repair reporting in 40+ languages
- Issue-specific questions and the ability to submit pictures ensure accurate, relevant information is collected
- Customisable in-system guidance to remind tenants of their responsibilities and help them self-resolve minor issues
- Maintenance management
- Contractor management
- Planned maintenance
- One-click work instruction
- Automated reminders
- Contractor appointment booking, quote, and invoice submission
- Centralised maintenance communication and management
- Automation

With over 80 mutual clients between Fixflo and Reapit, why should clients get excited? 
- Workflow automation
- Compliance management/mitigation system
- Data sync in real-time from Reapit
- Updates will be pushed back

What benefits will you see through using Foundations?
- Efficiency savings
- Operational benefits
- Risk Mitigation
Just by plugging in two systems you already use.

Fixflo helps clients manage 35% more properties than without them.

'Fixflo has revolutionized our approach to property management' - Greg Tsuman of Marla

What are the costs?
There are no additional monthly costs for having an active integration between Fixflo and Reapit but there is a one-off setup fee. Fixflo will be able to provide more details as in part this depends on the Fixflo modules you are taking on.

If you are interested please follow these steps
1 - Go to the App Store - Marketplace within Foundations
2 - Click 'Express your interest'. This will send an alert to Fixflo
3 - You will then have a conversation with a member of the Fixflo team to find out which package you are on (Professional, Essentials or Basic) and which you want to integrate.
4 - Fixflo may need to data cleanse but do not worry this is covered in the setup fee.

How to find Foundations on
1 - Go to the menu bar on the left-hand side
2 - Click the Apps Icon which will take you to the Marketplace
3 - You will then see the 'Fixflo' app and enter your administration details.
4 - Press download

Learn more by visiting Reapit and Fixflo's landing pages here on Kerfuffle. 

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Annabel McGuire

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