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Most people, agents included, have probably never explored their immediate local area as much as they are doing at the moment, nor have they had as much time as they have now to really absorb what is going on around them. If you’re out on a daily run, walk or cycle which are all allowed under the Government’s strict guidelines, here’s something for you to think about:

- How many pieces of vacant land do you see?
- How many unfinished but active private building projects are there?
- How many projects are there that have planning granted but have yet to be started?
- How many new build housing estates are there with plots still available?

The reason we ask is because we were fascinated to see the huge number of opportunities in a given postcode during a webinar held by the Land & New Homes Network last week. The national network has many advocates including the likes of motivational speaker and successful estate agent Mat Nicol and Rob Price from Homes Estate Agents who are doing significant deals on the back of the support and advice provided by experts Kevin Ellis and Ian Stratford.

They took us through their detailed Prospecting Campaign that they have designed and are offering to run this free of charge for agents at the moment so that they can understand the extent of the opportunities in their area. Ian Stratford Managing Director at Land & New Homes commented: “Whilst aspects of the property market may be on pause, landowners, housebuilders and housing associations remain very active and so now is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage and learn more about the land and new build opportunities in your area. There is research and marketing you can be doing now to earn income and dialogues you can be having to also build a ready-to-go pipeline when the market opens fully again. It’s a task you can challenge your teams with – something new and exciting.

“And we’re here to help; it’s about knowing your options so that you can lead conversations to maximise every opportunity each site poses – you’ll be amazed at how many there are.”

We’ve teamed up with Land & New Homes to do a webinar for kerfuffle members to help them explore this concept to see if it’s right for them. Following the webinar, you will be able to request a copy of your bespoke Prospecting Report for your area so that you can interrogate and investigate the list and work out if this is something you can make a go of. In addition to this, they’ll also be revealing details of an exclusive kerfuffle deal. If you’re interested, register for the webinar below.

Webinar details
When: Wednesday 15th April | Time: 3pm | Duration: 45mins | Host: Ian Stratford

Watch the full webinar here

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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