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Kerfuffle has taken its user experience to a new level. In an industry first, now offers the ability for agents to post video reviews on supplier profile pages. Agents can capture their video on laptop, tablet or mobile devices and have the ability to watch their video before pushing it live, or do a new take. Once happy, posting it takes just seconds.

One of the key challenges with reviews is proving they are genuine. This is where video comes into it’s own – unless you’re a Hollywood actor, faking it to camera is impossible, particularly when it’s raw footage. It’s therefore no surprise that conversion rates for video are much higher than other digital media, even more so when the content is relevant to the viewer. What this means for Kerfuffle members and partners is that this video content should be incredibly powerful in helping agents identify which suppliers other estate agents truly value.

Chief Kerfuffler Simon Whale commented “Video case studies have worked wonders for suppliers and agents in the past. Whilst we’d all like to be churning out hundreds of these every day, the reality is that one every 2-3 weeks is a challenge once you’ve organised diaries, got film crews on site, edited the footage etc. We’ve come up with a solution to this – let agents film their comments themselves on their camera phone and share them out. You won’t get the full war and peace documentary that you might push for if you’ve paid for a full day of filming, but what you will get is the punchy one liners that are amazing for sharing through social media and in presentations.

“The timing for the launch couldn’t be better as agents and suppliers are really embracing and becoming more comfortable with video technology – it’s a skill lockdown has forced on us. For those that feel they have a face for radio, we can send you a Kerfuffle cap, or you can carry on being a keyboard warrior – the choice is there. Crucially it gives us a much more interesting landscape for when agents are doing their research on which suppliers to use, it puts faces to names to bring our community closer and it gives suppliers a brilliant marketing tool.”

Of course, if you have a face for radio or feel camera shy you can still leave a written review, or do both!

 It’'s so quick and simple to do:

1) Click Video Review on any supplier on this page:

2) Click record

3) Watch your recording

4) Upload

Intrigued? Try it out here.

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Let me do all the hard work and recommend products based on three simple questions

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