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Letmojo are a brand new tenant referencing company built with a team that  have over 25 years experience in the industry. We fully believe that customer service makes all the difference in today's competitive environment, and we ensure we have team of fully trained experts available over the phone, to help you when you need it.

Whether you are a Letting Agent, Landlord or Tenant we fully understand the issues and concerns you face and have designed all of our products and services to give you complete comfort and peace of mind.

We can offer a full range of Tenant referencing options including Enhanced ID checking alongside our Right to Rent checks, VOID and Utility switching platform and Broadband and media sales for Tenants.

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We need to, first of all, understand your business and will work with you to offer a pricing structure that fits within your budget, offering only the services you require and whether you want to earn commissions for any ancillary products.

Our pricing will always reflect your business needs and we offer large discounts for high volume users or multiple product purchases.

Tier 1 - Basic Credit Check - from as little as £3.00 per check

Tier 2 - Full Referencing - from as little as £10.00 per reference

Right to Rent Validation - from as little as £2.50 per tenant

Enhanced ID Check - from as little as £4.50 per document

VOID & Utility Switching - Totally FREE Service, earning you a minimum of £5.00 per property

Broadband & Media Sales - Totally FREE Service, earning you a minimum of £7.50 per sale

Setup / Onboarding

We can have you up and working with us within a matter of minutes. Our signup process means you can be registering with us first thing in the morning and we can have you trained, operating and uploading References early in the afternoon. 

No more long winded application forms to complete, our job is to make your life easier.

Training & Support

Each of our customers has a dedicated Account Manager to help walk them the referencing process and our team are fully trained on all of our products and services, meaning that our team will become your new best friend. We have a range of video demos available to show you how we work and to answer some of our customers frequently asked questions.

We've worked hard to keep our services and systems simple to use, to take the pressure off you and to allow us to do what we do best and make your life easier.

We pride ourselves on ensuring we're up to speed with industry news and up to date with regulatory and government guidance, so if you need a helping hand, our team will be available to support your business needs.

Product range

Tier 1 Basic Credit Referencing,

Tier 2 Full Tenant Referencing

Right to Rent checks

Enhanced ID checks including Biometric scanning to provide an additional layer of protection against ID Fraud.

VOID Period Management

Utility switching service

Media sales opportunities through SKY and Virgin Media.

Problems we solve for agents

We make the Referencing process easy and manage ALL applications with a hands-on approach, every Full Reference being reviewed by a referencing expert. You will get common-sense decision-making and no automated, "computer-says-no" responses, meaning if you have query you need help with, we will work with you to solve it.

Tenants don't fit neatly into yes/no boxes, by picking up the phone we get the most accurate reflection of your tenant's circumstances.

Our team are available at the end of a phone to answer your queries, we will work with you to help your tenancies progress as smoothly as possible.

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