We sell letting agencies and estate agencies.  We have specialized in this sector for more than 25 years during which time we have sold many hundreds of businesses.   When you are ready to sell up don't undersell your business by accepting a direct offer or by using a broker who does not understand the property sector.  Allow us to  make sure that you get the best price for your businesses

If you are not ready to sell up just yet we can help you to prepare an exit plan which can  increase the value of your  business massively in the year or two before you sell. 

If you are selling to your partners we can help you to agree on a fair price and ensure that the sale of your shares  goes through  quickly and smoothly. We also offer an acquisition service  which will be of huge value if you have found a business that you would like to buy. We can advise on its value , make sure that you avoid all the common pitfalls and get the sale through smoothly 

For advice on the sale or purchase of any property business call us now without obligation    

Product Summary

We sell letting agents and estate agents by acting as a broker to achieve the best price for you 

We help business owners to prepare an exit plan  and increase the value of a business prior to a sale 

We advise companies on how to acquire a business 

We help to negotiate partnership splits 

We run training courses which will increase your profitability and the value of your business 

Problems we solve for agents

We will make sure that you do not undersell your business by selling it to someone who approaches you directly or by using an inexperienced broker 

We will help you to prepare your exit strategy something that many business owners have never considered 

We will help you with any other aspect of buying or selling a business or negotiating an exit from a partnership  


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