High-performance IT tools have become essential in the estate agency business and estate agents can now manage their activities thanks to Cloud Shepherd's online solutions. To meet the specific needs of creating an estate agency online, they put their know-how and experience at the disposal of estate agents by offering a complete and adaptaple offer.

Whether it is to list properties, boost exchanges between estate agents online, determine a sale price, client services, their asset promotes the work through professionals. These new technologies make life easier for estate agents.

With nearly a billion users, the web is the future of IT management and collaboration tools. They provide a privileged communication channel where information circulates in real-time for all estate agencies, like in an online auction. Today, the internet is the only medium with a very long lifespan for real agents.

It is vital to provide estate agents with associated services to take full advantage of the process. Therefore, the IT products offered to estate agencies have many features dedicated to the collaboration between professionals and their clients.


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