Agents Merch! Providing bespoke promotional merchandise to the property industry. Many satisfied clients from agents to suppliers of the industry. 

Promotional Merchandise to help you better promote your business:  Bags for Life; Key Rings; Combination Meter Key & Radiator Bleed Keys; Mugs of all shapes and sizes; Pens (plastic, metal, and anti-bacterial even!). Umbrellas; Clothing; Exhibition Displays and Awards Trophies. It's all here!

Why not consider putting together your own company's 'Vendor Pack' or 'Buyer Pack' for completion day, or 'Tenant Pack' on moving day? This could be a branded Bag for Life containing - Mugs, Pens, Calendar, Key Ring, or any other item of your choice.

Product Summary

Made bespoke to your company brand guidelines we supply items such as:  Mugs, Key Rings, Bags, Pens, Travel Mugs, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Umbrellas, 'Completion Packs', Coasters, USB Memory Sticks, Awards Trophies, Face Masks, Sanitiser, T-Shirts, Power Banks, Trolley Coin Key Rings, Radiator/Meter Keys, Stress Products, Note Books, Desk Pads, Car Air Fresheners, Lapel Badges, Fridge Magnets, Ice Scrapers, Pencils, Socks, Golfing Items, Calendars, Lanyards, and much more! We can source most items for you if you have a specific requirement (check our website first - www.ConsortiaPromoGifts.co.uk ). 

Problems we solve for agents

Getting more eyeballs (think marketing 'impressions') on your brand, and getting your messages out there with 'Agents Merch' promotional items. 


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James poyntz Richard Poyntz

Very clever technology

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