Cream HR help growing companies develop a successful workforce through a high-performance culture. 

We work best with:
📇 Owners, directors, CEO's and COO’s who value their people and want to know how to get the best out of them
📇 HR Directors/Managers who want support to help them achieve ambitious people goals for their organisation
📇 Founders of start-ups who want support with planning for the future

Our services:
🔷 Bespoke HR Consultancy on all things people – e.g. onboarding, absence and performance management, succession planning, handling employee disciplinaries, talent retention.
🔷 Recruitment management – e.g. planning your recruitment strategy, defining an effective process, writing purposeful job descriptions, attracting talent, interview support and training.
🔷 Training – this could be one to one or group and may be face to face or online. Uniquely tailored to your needs with clear objective setting, highly engaging content and delivery, and meaningful follow up.

Our services are best suited to companies with 1-1000 employees. 


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